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Increase in eircom's line rental charge

  • 11-03-2001 11:19am
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    eircom announced an increase of 95p per month in their line rental charge, and I cannot help but think that the issues we discuss here are related. As we know, chorus and ntl propose to provide telephone services, and with the delay in roll out of digital services, same have been delayed. Therefore competition is delayed. Also, eircom have back pedalled on their tests/provision of adsl, again I suggest due to the tardy way in which chorus and ntl are performing.
    Simply there is NO ADEQUATE COMPETITION to provide an imperative for them to look at their charges, and compete with better services).
    Surely the regulator must penalise heavily (remove regional exclusivity provisions for both chorus and ntl would be a good FIRST step) both cable companies as their failures are costing Irish consumers both directly and indirectly.
    Any thoughts?


  • so Eircom want more money for their phone line. they better upgrade the telephone lines in my area first. they haven't done so in 8 years and the amount of houses in my area has multiplied 5 fold in 6 years resulting in pathetic internet speeds and crackling during phone calls

  • Same here Mossy. My Internet connection speed is pure rubbish. It's terrible slow. I wouldn't mind but the line crackles a lot and thus many disconnections which really vex me. And so, I call eircom out, they say it's ok, and CHARGE ME £44! For nothing! Their own damned line. The problem was we were using Esat Clear (with small converter box on line) and thus eircom techie sez it is not their problem!! I disconnect the converter but, guess what? It still crackled! Hmmm. We don't own the line. esat don't own the line. eircom dont want to own it! Now what??<!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :( --><img src="../" ALT=":(" OLDREF=""><!--EZCODE EMOTICON END-->