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Top five Foods. What they are and where to get them

  • 06-01-2003 5:03am
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    What are your top five foods and where do we go to get them??

    1.- Lomo adobado sandwitch (don't know the translation) - the bar beside 1 Plaza del Perú, Madrid, Spain.
    2.- Diablo pasta - Pasta Cafe @ the st stevens end of Grafton st. in Dublin.
    3.- Pasta Carbornara - Shiraz along side from the TB music center and down from the IFC in Temple bar in Dublin.
    4.- Chicken curry fried rice and chips - The China Kitchen in Bray main st.
    5.- Chicken Shish Kebab - The name escapes me but its the green place on the corner of Parlement st in Dublin.

    1.- It is a sandwitch that is fresh baked spanish "pan" bread (like french stick but nicer) with a special pork meat fried in olive oil and the the oil and meat r put into pan. Its not oily, its just perfect!!!

    2.- Pasta with pepers, chilli, peperonli and other meats like that. Really hot and really nice.

    3.- The nices carbornara!! the rest of the food is ns 2.

    4.- Just ns crap food.

    5.- Fresh chicken breast bits grilled and wraped in an indian (i think) flat wrap with veg and stuff, very tasty.

    mm, gotta get some food. me hungry now, lol


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    5. == Zaytoon?

    Very tasty kebabs indeed!


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    Thats the one Daire, Zaytoon's. The chicken is really ns there.