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Smirnoff Ice on Draught...

  • 18-07-2002 1:18pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1,008 stevoslice

    Whats that all about i say?

    sumtin like €4.50 a pint, i can't even drink the stuff.
    The glass is fair cool though.


  • Heres hoping for Vodka and Red Bull on draught at that price.:)

  • €4.50 a pint where was that i say,ive seen it in dakota in dublin but dont know how much and ur right the glasses are deadly:rolleyes:

  • Can't say that I could drink a pint of it in 1 go. It's horrible when it gets warm so I'd rather stick to the bottle if I'd drink the stuff at all!!

  • It isn't a bad price TBH. You nearly pay that for a bottle of the stuff, and I find it quite refreshing.

    But I'm a little bit skeptic, in believing the contents of the bottle and pint are the same thing. I'm sure somebody working in a bar will be able to clarify this is in a jiffy for me.

    cheers :)


  • This post has been deleted.

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  • It's been popping up all over galway recently also, €4.40 a pint where i work. In never drink the stuff but from what i've been told the bottles are a lot nicer.

  • i work in a bar and we sell it for €4 a pint its 4.5% vol where as the bottle is 5.5% is also less fizzy but everything on tap is its not that popular i dont think it will take off.but the glasses are cool but u can only put smirnoff ice or water or other things like that as they stain very ez

  • Theres only a UK shot of smirnoff in the bottles which is smaller than an Irish shot! So I usually get a bottle of it put into a pint glass and an extra shot of vodka on top at least then u can taste the bleedin vodka! Otherwise it's just a puffs drink. If this new one on tap has even less vodka than the bottle then it's never going to take off. I certainly wouldn't go near it. Your always going to get ripped off with all them pre-mixed drinks.

  • This post has been deleted.

  • Groo! half pints of that stuff started a mad Friday night for me. So sickly and sweet isn't it?

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  • the glasses are well cool .................personally i couldnt stomach the stuff at all .