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Who is Who?



  • Im a new member. Its craig btw. talk later

  • Who is who? I am who.

    Only joking, I'm Joanne. CTYI S1 00,01 and I'd love to be an RA next year but thats not going to happen with the whole 15 from 100 thing. I've been in RA groups with Clare Conroy (2000) and Clare Bryant (2001), lots of fun! At the moment I'm being a lazy bum for the summer, I came back from the Canaries yesterday (without a tan, mnih)and have spent most of the time since then asleep.

  • hi, no one here probably knows or remembers me but im greg anyway. i havnt posted anything but ive been reading your little board for a while now.
    and im currently trying to kill half an hour of my life until i go to town.

  • Foobar: holy crapola is right!!!!!! i've been away for a week and i'm DROWNING in new messages!!!! aah!

    a plea from the newbies: pleaaaase don't get rid of us!
    haha. it's good to be back. considering most of u don't know who i am, u probably didn't miss me. oh well.

  • Hi, I'm Kate I just finished Writing for Life Session 2 today. :(

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  • i'm éadaoin/aideen(the second is how it's actually spelled,but the first is nicer and non-anglified)

    i just finished philosomuhphy at session2.i'm engaged to my instructor.yay!

    i was at session2 2001 and session1 2000

    my favourite film in the world is crocodile dundee in la


  • I'm jean - just finished Advertising yesterday. Now I'm too old :( I think I know some people on this board :-

    Kate = Dont take no crap from no guy? 2002
    Ailbhe = Jennie's roommate? 2002
    Clare = I roomed with you AND YOU DIDN'T KEEP IN CONTACT! 2001
    Sven = You roomed with Richard Watchorn? 2001

  • Kate honey don't be so confused sounding... this is THERESA i was in class with you - you lived across the hall and on the last nite (two days ago) you sat on my bed crying eating a whole tub of Hagen Das that my boyfriend had given me!
    I'm gonna text you now coz I feel all sad n stuff - so bye bye babe
    chat ya soon

  • hi. i'm orla, yet another newbie for everyone to threaten (e.g. shoeless ailbhe who has earlier attempted to rally the nevermore's into chasin us off the boards....thanx, i feel o so loved sis) anyway, jus a question for unikhorne/craig? is this the craig who is currently off in germany at some teen fest thingy who wuz in my course(*architwecture, session 2) and thinks Im vicious??? what - me?? so hi foobar, i told u i'd register when i had somethin to say and yay now im here!! + hat girl u rock on d piano...wat wuz piece u played in d talent show?? i ruv roo all! spog**

  • Egad! I take a look at this board for the first time in about a year or so and what do I find? People whining about how nobody remembers the "CTYI Legends". Speaking as, if not an actual CTYI Legend, a friend of most of the people that have been mentioned, I'm kinda shocked.

    We're just people, guys.

    Well, I am. Thom and Bob/James are. Eman and Roscoe, well, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. If you want to talk to us, most of us still hang out on [email protected] (talk to me if you want on). Apart from that, let people get on with their lives. I'd be pretty freaked if people at CTYI were still telling tales of our antics. Although some of the Roscoe ones are quite amusing.


    P.S. I do remember the legends of the mid-90s. I think I'm getting old.

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  • Originally posted by Marty
    We're just people, guys.

    marty is not a ctyi legend, he's a ctyi myth. believing in him is like pulling out teeth to put under your pillow for the tooth fairy, or leaving milk out for the fairies. Just say no, kids.

    Seriously, hes just someone roscoe and ben, i think, made up to refer to in arguments and stuff. it started as a joke, and got grossly out of hand. its about 6/7 years old now. let it go... come into town with me and i'll buy you a new joke, i promise.

    (not the american one either, im afraid.)

  • As you've probably already guessed I'm Poochy. I did psychology session 2 this year and e-commerce session1 last year.

    I've only just signed up for this deally, and I don't have an msn thingy-me-bob.

    Whats the deal with the reunions?

    Seeya all POOOOCHY!!

    ROCK ON!!

  • Well, I'm the fishie Ailbhe with the blonde hair and sheep bag as the shoeless one called me earlier in the post - I also have a pink and cream Bagpuss for those who have never seen the chickensheep! I think I'm an in-betweeny because I can go back again next year but I remember Roscoe and Marty, cos they were in my class, along with the chicken fish and all. I did Sociology session 2 this year and despite the moaning of everyone about strictness and new RAs I still had fun. I'll be 16 in less then a month and may have a party... By the way Clare (Byrne), whats your email address cos the one I have for you doesn't work. I have a story about the underpants gnomes who lived in my room - what with them and Cornelius Ignatius Abraham I think all these little creatures are following me around! Eek!
    I don't know any of the session 1 people but if anyone feels like emailing me I'm [email protected]
    Love you all!!
    Ailbhe the Fish xxx

  • where the hell did all the session 1 02 people go? the first few pages there's thousands and thousands of us then....

    I'm Lisa Reilly, I did Psych. I was loud. And from Cavan (dangerous combination). I had a Visor of Wisdom, which was pink. I took part in many a Abstract Shape of Love and danced like a slut with David (not the manwhore, or the Tierney, or the disappeaing Dub. the self proclaimed 'sexy' one.) at all the discos

    posh aisling, stop insulting Gwen. she was'know...'interesting'. dukman, are you the woman scarer? macdara,why were you wearing connors underwear that time? (i spoke three lines to you; where's the erotic literature? can i have the erotic literature, and may i read aloud? why have you got a hole in your trousers?) Nice to see Mr and Mrs Oisin reunited online. It's poetic somehow, i'm sure of it. Even if Oisin ('talent' show presenter) DID ATTEMPT TO STEAL THE WORD BOOYAH, SPANKING HIS THIGH AND TAKING IT AS HIS OWN!!! ya'd think i'd be over it by now. Deirdre, ya should have been weird, and then we'd remember u as something else other than Mrs.Oisin, and you shouldn't have responded so awfully when i called you it repeatedly. una, stop calling yourself by your fake name. we all know your real name is Ooooonnnnaaaasssgggccchhhhhh! I'm sure there's other people I know, and love, but i didn't bother reading who everyone was.

    Well I did, but I've forgotten.

    Ah well.:eek: that's a bloody funny lil face

  • the coat will destroy the Axis of Countries who Sometimes ask Sheep To Wear Womens Clothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but seriosly im joe, i wore a leather coat and poured water all over myself at the first disco. that was rather amusing. im joe the coat because there were 5 joes there!!!!! it was nuts!!!:(

  • I, the mighty representative of Israel, am in an Axis with the great representative of Libya. Who woulda thunk it? Our only act was the invasion of Egypt on the last day, and that was basically a joke.

    I think that New Zealand sucks. Send George, I can take him.(Just don't be suuprised when he comes hopping back bound and gagged)

    Joe, you need to get a new coat. It's small, and has many rips.

    And if you can't work out who I am from my name you aren't very talented.

  • Hey hey hey, don't diss Joe's coat, it rocks

    Oh, and I'm Edward P. Gaffney III, from Advertising s2 2002, Legal Studies s2 2001 (which explains my nick), Econ... eh, Financial Markets s1 2000. Woopwoopwoopwoopwoop.

    Hehe, I got Kurdistan from IR again this year, despite the fact that I've never been near IR. Kurdistan has 0wnage. :D

  • Hey all. *waves* I'm Claire (Hennessy, 'cause there are way too many Claires around the place) and quite bitter about the fact that this was my last year at CTYI. ;)

    I did Sociology, Session 2 this year... some of you may know me as the 'man-hating dyke' because of my somewhat, ahem, radical feministic views....

    *puts on a Troy Maclure voice* You may remember me from such courses as Psychology (Session 1, 2001), Decision Maths (ack, my brain hurts! Session 2, 2000) and LDW (S1, 1999). Anyone? *looks around* No? Okay, never mind. ;)

  • I'm Rob O'Leary from Kildare. I did:

    Engineering Session 2 2002
    E-Commerce Session 1 2001

    I'm not <I>that</I> much of a newbie. I've been on the boards as long as......let's see......Neil, Hug and I think Mark. I could be wrong though. Not a very high post count but there you go.



  • I am Cormac did s1 2001 e-commerce,
    haven't been around for a while, have being doing things to make me appreciate ctyi all the more,
    and i am SOL the 1 and only

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  • Nominally.

    Bryan O'Donoghue. Age 22.
    Occupation: Software Developer & System Administrator.

    I went to CTYI in 1994 & 1995, so umm that makes me old skool. Ha ha!

    By night I don a cape and keep the world safe for Democracy,Freedom and Slackware Linux.



    I offer these words of wisdom for the aspiring un-initiated.

  • This is my first post here! Well my name's Cat (some people from 2001 session 1 might remember me better as Caitriona though). I did e-commerce in 2001 and Corporate Business in 2002, both session 1. I know some people here i think Fio was one of my roomies in 2001. Remember me? And loadsa people were in e-commerce weren't they?

  • yeah, everyone kinda stopped talking about who they were.. but I'll just add myself anyway.

    I'm Monica Mugnier, and I'm from new jersey, which is good or cool, or something. or so everyone keeps telling me. I did LDW sess 1 '00, Archaeology B sess 2 '01, and Classics sess 2 '02. oh yeah, and I'm 15. I don't know how many people here know me. but that doesn't really matter, anyway.

  • Hey y'all! Cara (from Southern Maryland ;)) here from Session 2 99 (Art History) and 02 (IR), just saying hi! So, I'm like totally going through withdrawl or something so I need to hear from quite a few of you! ;)


  • This is Eimhin McNamara, from Session 1 2000 Session 2 2001 session 2 2002. I had lollypops and distributed them to the people. To a lesser extent I was known as "the wanker". I earned that pronoun dammit

  • This is Theresa Newman from session 2 2002 writing for life
    i wore a hat...alot...perhaps too much.
    i was known for some strange reason as hat girl :confused::p

    oh and bob says hi!
    (hes on the phone to me and demands inclusion in this post)

  • I'm David. Did session two this year, studied classics. Some may remember me as the guy who got in an argument with Dermot after the soccer activity one afternoon. I say I won, and that Dermot is a loudmouthed showoff, reminds me of me at that age. :cool:

  • <-- My name

    I did Aviation Studies S2 2001 and International Relations S2 2002, commuting both times. This year I brought in many tapes of the Simpsons and a digital camera for catching people off guard.

  • this is my first post thingy. yay!

    well, i'm not gonna bother tellin' ye who i am, ye have to guess!

    discrete maths sesh 1 2001
    investigative science sesh 2 2002 (the ones with the coats!)
    permanently hyper
    complete nerd?

    heck, if you haven't got it by now you dont deserve to be told!


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  • I am the one they called Happy but some bastard took that name for this so I'm stuck with this god-forsaken name. I am the one bob was constantly defeated by in slagging matches, due to my constant recourse to his immense areas of rippling flesh. I was known as Bathrobe Guy and WEnchboy<shudder> as well but happy is my favourite alias, because it implies great cynicism on my part. I did Financial markets in 2001 and Corporate Business in 2002. Sven might remember me because I was the guy at the reunion on the 31st with the bag of crunchies, which were predictably consumed by bob, the fat ****

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