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Going bald

  • 01-07-2002 1:42pm
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    Well over the last few years ive noticed the 'ol hair line heading back , and it was the most devestating thing you can imagine, it effects you so badly, total loss of self confidence, constantly thinking people are staring and generally makin you feel ugly.

    Ladies you really dont understand the pain this is .... imagine if you started loosing your hair ??? Well its just as bad for us.

    Well im not looking for advice i just wanted to say im better than ever now, i decided to shave my head and low and behold i actually have a very attractive head :)

    I am scoring more now than i ever did .... ive been told i now look like beckham when he shaved his head.

    ANyway i just wanted to say if your going through this , shave it all off , dont try to hide it , shave it ! Trust me the ladies love it !


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    fair play to ya!
    after all, there is nothing worse than a comb over!

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    Originally posted by Beruthiel
    fair play to ya!
    after all, there is nothing worse than a comb over!

    Really? Bugger...

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    Have to agree with Beruthiel, the comb-over is a bad idea.
    Good on you UnReg, guys look really well with short haircuts.

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    Well, I know a few people with this problem and for a few of them getting their head shaved has made a huge difference, not only is it remarkably sexy, but it basically gives the confident "I dont really care about my hair" appearance, which is the main thing - confidence is what really attracts people :)

    But it doesnt work for everyone, :)

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