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witchcraft queries



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    I am a long time pagan, and to many I refer to myself as a "witch" simply because it's a term that most closely describes my spiritual path.

    I don't normally post here, but Kennett sent me here to help alleviate most fears and misconceptions for you guys.

    First, it makes me laugh seeing "white" and "black" magic references. There is no such thing. There is Constructive magic, and Destructive magic. Constructive magic is used to do things like heal people or to bring good fortunes to another. Destructive magic is used to do things like get rid of warts or bad habits, or to have someone that is bothering you lose interest in you. Generally, you do no ill towards another, simply because anything you do does come back in a "karmic" retribution.

    The Wiccan Rede IS the general stand all for most pagan religions with a few notable exceptions, this rede is as follows, "An' it harm none, do as thou wilt". One of the more notable exceptions is the Thelemite religion, who uses, "Do as thou wilt" believing in the innate needs of people to never actually lead them to harm other people, since 2 people doing as they want will never truly cross paths. I am not a thelemite, tho, so I will only give them as an example and not go into their theology.

    Another notable thing about Wicca, is they aren't monotheastic. Meaning they believe in multiple gods. Many pagans believe that all gods are one, therefor, even monotheastic religions are right, just not the same.

    Pagans are as diversified as any religion, and have just as many sects, paths, and ethos as any other religion, and you can't say that only pagans harbor nuts. I mean, you don't see many pagan high priests molesting hundreds of children... :P

    Before you judge us, know us, and then make an informed judgement. And don't get all your info from one book, person, or coven. There are as many pieces of info on paganism as there are on any other topic on earth.

    Blessed be you all.

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    thanks for your post

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    You know something? Witches suddenly kick ass!

    If you don't want to rent that room, I'll definately take it! ;)

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    she sounds like fun . tho i do work in athlone if she dosent mind ... 7 noizy pcs moving into a house and large phone bills ill move in no probs . she sounds cool . dont suppose this girl is called cat's ? lives in blanch ? well good luck with her . if shes got a ok body .i know a lad that is intrested in sex ... dosnt care about relationships and loves the occult .

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    I have an update but appreciate all of the info here, it was a great help!
    We had a discussion and I found out she is a Wicca and her religion is pagan. She is a down to earth chick, really cool. She has a few books on the subject as I said before and she said I was more than welcome to read them so I have begun reading them and it is all very interesting. I think its pretty cool to have her as a roomate and look forward to learning more about all of this from her.
    To those of you with links, go ahead and post them , I will definitley check them out, and thanks to those who already posted a few links!
    I appreciate the helpful hints about not touching her tarot cards because I would have had I not read that, I find that interesting as well...she knows that, maybe she will get me some for my birthday on saturday :)
    wishful thinking I suppose hehehe

    tanks again!;)

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    I heard that is a really good site. I only just skimmed over it myself, but I plan on looking at it later on in the week. I'm not sure if that's the correct link, but when I get home (I'm using a computer in a centre where I'm doing my ECDL/MOUS exams), I'll check it out.

    Edit: I'll check to see what books myself and my mum have at home and post them up for you :)

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    thanks for the link, very informative..I'll be sure to go back when I have some more time and go through the various links inside ;)

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    hehehe, came up as guest in that last reply..wierd ;)

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    forgot to tell ya my new roomate read my tarot cards for me last night...she is new at it so she is still learning but it was cool.
    Asked me if I wanted to go to this store where they sell all that stuff, I'd like to go but saturday is my b-day and thats the day she wants to go, maybe next weekend, my curiosity has been peeked for sure ;-)

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    Heh...sounds as if your getting on great. AAwww, get in dere yeh boy yeh! ;)

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    Good to hear y'all are getting on and all is rosy in the garden

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    You never actually told us whether she was good looking or not. Give us some stats there, will yeh? ;)

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    i would also be intrested in the above statement

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    interesting that everyone assumes I am male..hmm guess I never said either way though ;)
    you want her stats, here ya go...
    she is 29, about 5'4 and i am bad at guessing weight but I would say about 12-13 stones. long curly hair and not too bad to look at
    is a libra, so very comfortable with her sexuality ;)
    down to earth but the sense of humour needs some work ;)
    doesnt drink beer, only a smoker, owns a dog
    bit lazy, not a tidy person. Is a massage therapist ;)
    that's the low down for those who wanted to know..yes she is single but happy that way until she finds someone who can keep her interest I would imagine ;)

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    Well glad to see it worked out, and i'm gonna close this before it gets toooo interesting :P

    << Fio >>

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