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Samaritans Week

  • 20-05-2002 10:46am
    Registered Users Posts: 35,525 Gordon

    You mean you didn't know that today is part of The Samaritans week? (OK, I didn't either)

    Being Samaritan week (18th-25th May) they are having special events, some in Ireland, for anyone that wishes to participate/help with.

    If you need a voice to listen to you - call the Samaritans on 1850 60 90 90. This will cost 6 cents per minute so make sure the bill payer knows that before you call as you may end up on the phone for a while. (The UK number for the Samaritans is 08457 90 90 90, don't know how much that costs tho)

    If you would prefer to email your problems - [email protected] -sifts through an incredible 800 emails a week (Actually thats as much spam mail I get in a week!)

    The Samaritans will treat everybody with total confidence, they want to help, so feel free to open up and speak out if you can.


  • i did not know it was samaritans week at all. my you have researched this clearly due to the new position.

    all joking aside well done on being a moderator, who'd have thought it eh.

  • I bet the Samaritan's party will really be a blast.


    One to mark on my social calender as washing my hair night I think.

  • Hehe, yeah, I thought that too!
    But actually there is some cool stuff to see. Skydiving, stunt plane flying, a Devon county show with raffles and stuff (maybe even some of that funny old English dancing that the English do so well ;)) and celebrity footbal with.. "'Ant & Dec', 'Atomic Kitten', 'Blur' and '3SL' signed up to play alongside TV stars from 'Hollyoaks', 'Brookside', 'Coronation Street' and 'Eastenders'.". This though is in England.

    There are some Irish events such as the Omagh sponsored hill trek. Galway - "Galway Samaritans in conjunction with Galway Bay FM will launch a CD of Irish Bands to raise money.". And the Dublin charity auction for those of you that have money, you could bid for - "guitar signed by the Corrs and a Manchester United football shirt signed by David Beckham which will go under the hammer at the Annual Telecoms Industry Federation Charity Ball. "

    I wouldn't mind being in the Liverpool match to see Atomic Kitten get their kit... on.

  • ... gosh is it still Samaritan's week?