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Vanilla Coke launched

  • 16-05-2002 6:56am
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    Vanilla Coke has arrived in the US.
    Coca Cola's first major cola product launch since the ill-fated new formula launch in 1985.
    Read more here...

    My parents are coming home next weekend so I'll get them to bring some home and I'll let ya know what its like :). Its said to have a bit of a Dr. Pepper taste to it...Nyom:D



  • doesn't sound very appealing, wonder how long it will last

  • Probably as long as cherry cola ...remember that ?

  • Originally posted by Darth Homer
    Probably as long as cherry cola ...remember that ?

    just barely

  • Nothing really makes it over here, we just think its muppetry adn tastes bad - and hey it usually is.

  • Originally posted by Darth Homer
    Probably as long as cherry cola ...remember that ?

    Well Cherry Cola is still going.... admititly not many shops stock it but its still going.


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  • Yep you're right Kayos,
    You can get Cherry Coke in Boots, as well as Dr. Pepper.
    And its "usually" in vending Machines in britain as well.

    I'll reserve judgement until I taste VC though:)

    BTW, here's the official Vanilla Coke Page...

  • i cant stand vanilla , its rotten so i doubt il be a big mad customer for the stuff, but its interesting ,.

  • I still drink the odd cherry coke when in the Uk or I find a shop here that has some in stock, I'd say vanilla sounds like it will be much nicer than cherry :)

  • This should be cool....always a big fan of Dr. Pepper and Cherry Coke as well as Crystal Pepsi (yes I remember it!)

    Really can't understand people's hostility to new flavours of coke...its really odd.

    People just don't seem to like companys tampering with a classic

  • anyone remember tab clear? wow clear coke

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  • Yep ...again another under-rated cola....people just had it in for it because it was clear....

    Explain the logic!!??

  • Not sure about this as I'm not a big fan of vanilla. I imagine it's going to taste like extra sweet perfumed coke (a bit like Dandelion & Burdock - anyone remember that?). I haven't seen Cherry Coke for years (love the stuff), must check out my nearest Boots (cheers 80p!) :)

  • Cheery Coke. OMG all I remember is how much I hated it :( I thought it was vile. I'm assuming vanilla will make me feel much the same way, but only time will tell.

    Tab though - I liked it :-)

  • Anyone know if/when vanilla coke will be available here ?
    I hated cherry coke but I'm dying to try this one.

  • I don't drink normal coke any more for some reason, just sick of it after years and years I guess.... Still partial to Cherry Coke and Dr Pepper, mind.

    Cherry Coke is fairly widespread in the UK, most places stock it. I rarely see it anywhere in Ireland though, I guess maybe it didn't sell as well there...

  • Jeez, why would they need to tamper once more with greatness ? They screwed it up the last two times they tried it.

  • canada.jpg

  • I tried the vanilla coke yesterday for the first time, I am drinking one now as I type, I am not a fan of coke products normally, I like pepsi...but this is pretty good! If you like cream soda, then you'll like this it tastes the same just about. And cherry coke is readilly available as well. ;)

  • So where did you get it?? is it in sale over here yet?

    and btw wasn't vanilla coke out in America before? coz John Travolta ordered it in Pulp Fiction when he took yer woman to the diner.

  • well, I got mine from America...I have contacted coke and they will be getting back to me shortly about when vanilla coke will be released in Ireland.
    It may be possible to get you some shipped over if the wait will be long. I will update this when I know.

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  • You may be interested to know that we're continually evaluating opportunities
    for new products that fit the tastes and needs of consumers in each country
    throughout the world. While Vanilla Coke will certainly be among those
    considered, there are no immediate plans to launch the product outside of North

    We wish we had better news for you at this time, but your interest and comments
    have been shared appropriately.

    Regarding the availability of Cherry Coke, local bottling companies choose which
    brands to sell, and in what size packaging these brands will be available in
    their territories. These decisions are based on consumer demand and other
    market factors. We believe they are in the best position to make those

    If you would like to contact the company division office, their address and
    telephone number are:

    Coca-Cola Ireland
    38-39 Lower Baggot St.
    Dublin 2
    Tel: (353) 1 676 04 86

    If necessary, they may refer you to a sales center for assistance.

    Your loyalty to our brands is certainly appreciated. If we can be of further
    assistance, please feel free to visit our Web site again.

    The Coca-Cola Company
    Industry and Consumer Affairs

  • The Dr. Pepper we get over here is pish.
    I had the stuff voer in the states about 3-4 years ago, lovely.
    made with Corn Syrup, the "Euro-Pepper" is made out to be a 'fruit flavoured beverage'.

    Gatorade is lovely.
    Mountain Dew isn't too bad either, except the way they mispronounce 'Dew' (doo instead of dyou).
    They mispronounce Nissan and Porche too (Knee-san and Poursh-eh).
    Danm Yanks.

  • Man, haven't had cherry coke in about 10 years. As for vanilla coke, I find it slightly disturbing but will reserve judgement until I actually slurp some.

    But all this is a mute point. PEPSI MAX RULES ALL!

  • Pepsi Max? Eeeew.

    Ill be getting some vanilla coke today, have a friend whos coming over from america whos bringing me some. Will know what it tastes like in a few hours :)

  • The concept sounds weird but its probably worth a try.
    Hey if it dosent kill ya .........

  • They mispronounce Nissan and Porche too (Knee-san and Poursh-eh).

    Another few I heard over there last year:

    Nokia- No-keea
    Route- Rowt
    Tuna- Toona

    And the one youhear a lot on TV is erb (herb). Whats that about?

  • I should have prefaced this a while back, but my rather forgetful parents forgot to bring me back my "first" Vanilla Cole sample so I cant reveal my gastronomic reaction as of yet. However, I'll be in the US as of Mid-August so I'm sure I'll try it then [Mental note...Post Back :)]

    And of course Amp, you're right...Pepsi Max rules, but It just struck me they dont have it in the USA...AHHHH...What will I do for my caffeine ??


    As for pronounciations,
    I always love the way they say Moscow...emphasising the COW,
    as in the animal.

    **The number 3
    Also Due to constant teasing when I was in school there, I now "properly" prounce my "th's" as in three as oppossed to tree, which Irish People tend to use alot when saying the number.

    We say ahhlaamineeeum
    They say ahhlooominum

    Theres loads more but I'll leave the slagging for another time :)

  • I cant forget this...

    **Bouy (As in flotation device)
    We say boy
    They say... Bowie :D

  • Seems this thread has gone way off topic hasnt it ;)
    anyway, I may be able to have some Vanilla coke shipped over if anyone would like to start a poll to find out if people would chip in on the cost and have the product sent to the appropiate parties here for any ideas on the subject.

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  • The Big Cheese Company at Andrews Lane in town import Dr. Pepper, Hersheys bars, Butterfingers, Mountain Dew, and loads of other American candies and sodas... maybe they'll get Vanilla Coke?...