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Finland: Parliament passes bill for new copyright law

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    Parliament passed a bill to amend Finnish copyright legislation on Wednesday. The measure was approved by an overwhelming 121 votes to 34. A proposal to reject the bill was made by Green MP Jyrki Kasvi.

    The most controversial aspect of the law is that it makes it illegal to make any copies of a recording with copy protection, even for home use. There was also criticism of parts of the measure concerning the transfer of information on the Internet.

    As a preamble to the law, Parliament approved a statement obliging the government to advance the right of consumers to copy works at home. The government was obliged to report to Parliament’s Education and Culture Committee on the practical impact of the new regulations. If consumers have been affected negatively, the law would have to be amended.

    Tougher language proposed by Kari Vilén (Nat. Coalition Party) and Kari Uotila (Left Alliance) was voted down. Uotila wanted changes to the law already next spring, without any interim reports. Vilén wanted the government to immediately start an overall reform of the law, taking the views of consumers into consideration. Also voted down was a proposed statement by Toimi Kankaanniemi (Christ. Dem.), calling for measures to secure the interests of composers of church music. Under the version of the law that was passed on Wednesday, music played during religious services would not be subject to copyright fees.