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Clíodhna (Brown hair, no glasses)04-07

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    I can hear you's all screaming non-never-more wench now

    Sess1 architecture, Ordharnaid's *shudders* Ra group

    didnt do much in there but was known for attempts at killing gigantis. Would've been known in Marine Biology and Psych for good reasons and comp apps for, erm, reason.

    Sess2, electronic engineering changed to International Relations, Grace's Ra group but on Hannah's Corridor, she was my adopted Ra and of course part of Róisín's Ra group. Was Greece in model UN and cheerfully made a fool of myself on many occasions. We didnt really do much other then talk about life and what the right way is to manipulate the opposite sex. Good times!

    Would've been known to you's for varying reasons and all very contradictive. You'd probably describe me as crazy cos everyone does for some reason, I dont know why however