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Car parks in DCU

  • 03-08-2005 8:12pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 54 ✭✭✭ Valehru

    Hey guys,

    Have been in DCU for a few days now and Im commuting up and down from the sticks. I heard rumours that you could possibly park your car in some place for a few quid a week compared to my 8 euros a day im coughing up now for the multi story car park 1. So could anyone please enlighten me? By the way I am a student!

    Thanks in advance!


  • You can buy a yearly pass for the multi storey carpark for around €95. You'll probably have to wait until the start of the new academic year to get one though. You go to the security office (the window at the exit) and they update your student card so that the machines can read it.

    Until then there are 2 other car parks that are free though they usually fill up pretty early.

  • Is there a weekly pass available? Would the car park be the one your talking about be at the very back through the ballymun entrance and then down to car park 3 past the ring road? Is there a place there to pay?

  • Just park across the raod on Collins Ave and walk in. Don't think or know if there is any other cheap alternative.

  • i paid 3.50 for weekly student pass in multistorey

  • Yeah, you can also get weekly tickets, though as I'm there for the entire year including Summer, it works out cheaper for me to get the yearly pass. In September just go with your student card and €95 (probably more now knowing DCU and their attempts to extort money out of students) to the window at the exit of the multistorey carpark.
    The other carparks are free - though I think you need a student card to get into them.

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  • if you buy a weekly ticket apparently they work for a good few months, apparently

  • if you're early enough there is 3 spots on collins ave across from the entrance near the helix (beside a bus stop) where u can park from free, or outside someones house on one of the other streets around there. Also the carpark in albert college park.

    u'd be mad to pay for parking when you can get it for free. (I'd make sure you have a car alarm and one of those steering-wheel lock thingys though)