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Cheap beer.

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    Ok here's what i'm looking for.
    What's your favourite ( you can only pick one ) cheap beer?
    You have to take into account: taste, alcohol percentage and ( quantity / price ).

    Mine would have to be Moosehead Canadian Beer.

    Taste: This is in my opinion the King of cheap beers! It's taste really nice, i can't quite describe it. I would drink this in a pub if i could. But as is the fate of all cheap beers, it's not available in any pub i frequent.

    Alcohol percentage: A respectable 5%. Not too shabby.

    ( Quantity / Price ): 6 for £5


  • yep has to be said .. mooseheads bloody gorgeous.
    I generally wouldn't step below Fosters as the lowest common denominator in terms of taste/price... so its usually that if moosys not available.

  • Where do you get your Moosehead?
    I only know one place and i have to get my mate to hook me up with it. That's out in Molloy's in the nutgrove shopping centre.

  • The Mill offy in Maynooth has Moosehead (at least it had when I was there last).

    It also stocks Rolling Rock.. another classic cheapy, not sure of teh details of it though.

  • Scrumpy Jacks not bad. Actually prefer it to bulmers, is 50p cheaper and at 6% is stronger aswell...

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  • Moosehead is pretty good up against expensive beers too. I was in Copenhagen a month ago and had Calsberg Special (not special brew). It's a dark beer, quite cheap and tastes yummy.

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  • Kronenburg anyone?

    If you're really stuck, dutch gold does the job. wink.gif

    Aka: Dragon,Sexual Harassment Panda, SCUMM.

  • i honestly dont know how ppl drink beer.
    i only drink shorts.
    if i have a single pint of bud i can already feel the effects and can easily say that im close to being drunk ( no good @ all), i would even go as far to say that the first *sip* i take from the glass goes to my head, but man i can down short after short and no effects.
    sure its more expensive but man i really hate being drunk.

    Ashley Lyn Cafagna

  • Jaysus chernobyl, expensive nights out yeh?

    I was a Bud drinker, now a Bulmers person. But I am getting sick of that. I have to say I'm interested in trying Moosehead. But I don't recall seeing it anywhere in Galway. Anybody know?

    When I go back to college I want to be able to get some 6 for £5 deals. But not Dutch Gold. Christ I hate that stuff. Kinda reminds me of Harp.

    Actually now that I think of it, I am totally oblivious/ignorant to the newcommers in the alcoholic beverage market. And I don't think I'm the only one. Ppl go out drinking and it is usually their natural reaction to ask for the same thing over and over. Think of what we're missing. That's it, give me a list of drinks to try out and I will get back to this thread with my personal review ASAP!

  • chernobyl - if you don't like being drunk why drink alcohol at all? Wouldn't you be better off on Coke etc.?

    I'd love to get drunk on one pint - think of the money you'd save!!!

    As for cheap beer - I'm not much of a cheapo-beer person. When I am I go for Amstel or Dutch Gold but they're both horrible. I drink Grolsch as well, which is better than the other two, but I'm not sure what price it is. Miller Pilsner is nice enough too - and a good bit cheaper than regular Miller.

    Ok - I want a beer now. Too bad it's only 10 in the morning.

    I'm the Dude

  • Yep Moosehead is lovely and, 6*350ml 5% bottles for only a Fiver like!

    [All Goo Things...]

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  • I didn't think this many people knew about Moosehead. It truly is the king of cheap beers. And i think it'll be even cheaper when i get to Toronto in a few weeks. biggrin.gif


    Rochefort 10, you f-u-c-k-e-r-s! 12% alcohol!!!!!!!

  • <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Jeff_Lebowski:
    chernobyl - if you don't like being drunk why drink alcohol at all? Wouldn't you be better off on Coke etc.?

    Did i say i got drunk on shorts? i dont beer so i dont get drunk.

    Ashley Lyn Cafagna

  • Good old Dutch Gold

    I lived off it for a year and still do its luverly stuff.

  • Meteor - in the 25cl bottles... yummy stuff smile.gif

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  • All beer is cheap ffs! For the sake of a few pence more it's well worth going for something quality like Stella or Asahi rather than bloody horrible muck like Dutch Gold or what have you.

  • You obviously haven't tried Moosehead, Shinji. biggrin.gif

  • carlsberg:
    good- is the nicest tasting beer ever imo.
    bad- is too expensive.

    good- cheap enough at little over £1 a can, and tastes smashing.
    bad- is only 4.3% or so

    good- the adds on telly with the lizards
    bad- the taste, ugh. the price, double ugh.

    good- nice green can.
    bad- price is a little high. tastes like metal, you can taste the manky additives.

    good- original version type of thingy of budweiser. tastes much better.
    bad- £1.69 or so per bottle.

    bavaria crown:
    good- 6 for a fiver
    bad- tastes literally like ****.

    bavaria premuim:
    good- 99p per can.bout 5% , tastes drinkable.
    bad- comes in 4 packs instead of the 6, so you have to tear 2 cans off the next 4 pack. awkward.

    bavaria millenium bru:
    good- excellent taste, cheap enough(6 botts £5)
    bad-dont think they do it anymore :/

    good - classy taste. wheaty or something?
    bad- expensive. had dodgy name.

    good - is rewasonably cheap
    bad- again tastes like rusted metal.

    harp export:
    good- tastes better than its counterpart, still cheaper than most strong also
    bad-still not the nicest flavour.

    i work in an offlicence smile.gif these are my personal tastes smile.gif

  • <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Da'Bounca:

    good- is the nicest tasting beer ever imo.
    bad- is too expensive.

    good- nice green can.
    bad- price is a little high. tastes like metal, you can taste the manky additives.


    Erm dab, its funny you should mention that but Carlsberg is actually strewn with additives and heineken is considered to be one of the most naturally brewed common beers.

    Did you ever hear about that Guinness invention for cleaning the pipes that worked on most beers except Carlsberg? It turned Carlsberg white because of all the additives. I have also heard that it was from this that the idea of Breó came from but I'm not sure on that one.

    And you left out Guinness there as well smile.gif
    Good: It tastes gr8, its cheap(ish), its just gr8 really
    Bad: It is v heavy and gives you green pish tongue.gif

    and Smithwicks
    Good: Its also great if not a bit fizzy for a guinness drinker
    Bad: you feel like your 50 when you drink it frown.gif

    But my fav cheap beer is:
    Grolsch (I can get it down the road for 6 for £5 but most cant tongue.gif)
    Good: Its actually a really nice beer (v popular in Holland) and its 5.2%
    Bad: Where you could usually drink 8 cans no prob it seems that 8 cans of this has you falling around and finding yourself in places that you could have easily avoided.

    (hmm spelt Grolsch wrong the first time)

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  • AARGH!!! Carlsberg is ****ttt!!!! closely matched by Budwater - You want a real beer try Steinlager (fine NZ lager) available in The Down Under bar but *cough* £3.30 a bottle which sucks coz it costs NZ$20 for dozen which is about £8 Irish

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  • Guinness is, of course, the black nectar of the gods and has been elevated to a status far beyond the category of 'beer'.

    However, when it comes to beer in the mortal world, Amstel rules the roost and is soon to be widely available here - as it is in the rest of Europe - cos some brewery is about to start brewing it here.

  • This Budwater and slagging off any beer will just not be tolerated. DONT SLAG THE BEER! I have been known to throw a few pint-pots down my thrown of occassion (as im sure 1 or 2 boards people can vouch) and I drink Budweiser. Ive drank every other beer and spirirt thats been available to me and just find its the best of good stuff. And anyone who reckons its like drinking water cos it doesn't get u nissed...ballix. great high drunken buzz of it! The beer of beer drinkers imo! Guiness of course is not BEER per say :)

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  • i had no idea carlsberg was so riddled with additives.
    my point was though that with heineken, it actually tastes kind of tangy, and not beer like. this is imo .

    yeh grolsch is classic stuff, specially the large 2ltr bottles you can get, with the cool replacable tops.5% also i think.

  • A big juicy flaggen of 6% cider

  • Much as I hate to be posting in a thread called "Cheap Beer".


    Belzebuth 15% : "Take it" /*Insert hyphenated expletive here*/. (Quite nice actually)

    And surely for alcohol to cost ratio nothing beats bugjuice, so beloved of lab techs everywhere (or ex-lab techs). I mean, just how expensive is a combination of ethyl alcohol and fruit juice per pint anyway?

    Xenopho... hic

    (I am Not responsible for the abuse of any of the above substances. Alcohol abuse can prove fatal)

  • mmmmmmmm, Steinlager
    Good Beer,
    cheap if bought in NZ, though its a ***** getting there biggrin.gif

  • I'm suprised no-one has mentioned the Miller Pilsner!
    Its only gorgeous, and at about 1.05 a can its pretty affordable.

    P.S. Budwiser is nectar! It's too dear, but if your in a pub, and paying pub prices anyway .. its yer only man! (as anto would say .. 'Story anto, .. Deadly')

    I must check out this moosehead gear! A you cant all be wrong (I hope).