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Erdinger, King of Beers?

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    Most of the time i drink Guinness, but it can be a bit filling sometimes. Like the other night for example, when i was out celebrating my exam results. I'd been drinking guinness all afternoon and then had food. Needless to say i was feeling stuffed and sleepy. So i gave up on the guinness and one of my mates came back with an Erdinger. I'd never tried it before, but i have to say i was instantly converted. It's the nicest beer i've had in a long time. It tastes great. And you even get a cool foot tall glass! Pity it's not so widely available.


  • I've tried 3 different types of Erdinger. The black one is ok but a bit vinegary, the cloudy one is my favourite but it gives me a really bad hangover, so the clear one in the silver bottle is the one I usually go for.

  • Pop into the Porterhouse and work through their menu, then decide upon the king of beers. A personal fave Gales Prize Old Ale, treacle like taste. Or for the alcohol buzz try a Bush Beer @ 12%, a bit too sweet as most of the over alcohol beers are.
    Do it country by country (keep Belgium for a night you don't have work the next day smile.gif)


  • One pub in Cork even has it on draught ... My favourite is cloudy one too

  • <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Evil Phil:
    the cloudy one is my favourite but it gives me a really bad hangover</font>
    very much ditto(including the hangover) and the do it in the stags head. If you can limit yourself to 4 or so....