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JJ72 - The Village - 15th July

  • 18-07-2005 2:56pm
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    Was anybody else at this gig?

    I thought that the new bassist Sarah was excellent, a far better bassist and a greater stage presence than Hillary ever had, though her backing vocals were inaudible. And she's probably not as hot as Hillary either :p.

    They played a healthy mix of the old and the new, and didn't end the gig with Bumblebee for once. Down by the Sea really is an excellent track with a lot of energy, which showed when they played it live. I would have liked to have heard more of the new stuff, though they did play the 3 tracks that they are planning to release as the singles between now and Christmas so I guess we got the best of what's to come.

    Overall, I really enjoyed the gig. I'm looking forward to hearing the new album. It will be interesting to see how they fare in the UK charts, having relocated to London for their second album (probably in anticipation of building on their 3 top 20 singles from the previous album) and technically moving record labels, it really didn't work out for them at all with I to Sky.

    It would be nice to hear other people's opinions!


  • i've seen the band at last 15 times and the village gig was the probably the best sounding they've ever been. the song is called 'heat' not 'down by the sea'

    the new line-up has actually been together now a couple of years and you can tell as they had fantastic stage chemistry. the new songs are far more mature than the earlier stuff but every single song played in the village was superbly player and performed