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Xbox gone belly up - any advice

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    Hey Guys,

    I have an xbox modded with an xecuter 3 chip. It worked fine for the last couple of months. Im on a J1 visa at the moment and have brought my box away with me...

    I got off the plane, arrived at my house and it won't work. Now I know the voltage is different over here and I connected the xbox up using an ATX power supply connected directly to the motherboard but no joy it wouldn't turn on.

    I bought an xbox power supply on line, have put it in the box and no joy either. The mod chip LED flashes for about a quarter of a second and dies and theres no sign of life from the xbox, no fan no lights...nada.

    I assume that there is something wrong with the motherboard? Any one have experience with a similar problem? Any advice?

    Thanks Steve


  • just a suggestion and i dont fink makes any sence is that it could of been too cold up in the air :rolleyes: :o or it was destryoyed by pressere :rolleyes: :)

  • It was in my hand luggage so I could keep an eye on it and I was so carefull! so the pressure never got to it. Thanks though

  • When you first powered it up, were you using the ATX power supply? What Wattage rating was it? What was the 110/220 switch at the back set to?

    Sounds like you've fried your board.

    Suggestion: buy a new one.

  • Transporting could have causded solderings to loosen.

  • If you're talking about the solder on the pin-header/wire-mod, then yeah, possibly, but the xbox should still boot with the modchip turned off/unplugged from the board.

    Stereo-steve, chances are you *may* need to replace the PSU and/or the board. you can pick up a replacement board & psu for relatively little money.
    Or just buy a 2nd-hand xbox or something and solder in the appropriate header.

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