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Bands who you would love to reform!



  • were you there to witness this mess? because i was. not that i can remember it, what with me being a 3 year old at the time and all.

    love to see them again. them and talking heads. and bikini kill

    No, I was only about ten at the time but there's a live album from the tour and it's ****. There's a book called "Uptight" about them that the last chapter talks about the reformation. It's a shame because I've got a great bootleg of the show where they actually got back together. John Cale and Lou Reed were playing a tribute show to Andy Warhol in France. Moe Tucker and Sterling Morrison were in the audience. They got up on stage and did an amazing version of Heroin. Truly exceptional considering they hadn't played together for over 20 years. Sterling died ten years ago so the chances of a reunion are slim to none. Much like Led Zeppelin, a reunion involving a replacement member would be a crime.

    Note: How cool are your parents bringing you to VU as a kid, I got to go see Rolf Harris!

  • polarbelly wrote:
    at the drive in
    They have a new album out. I think its like a best of with a few new tracks

  • Led Zep.......

    but it's more fun for a band to re-unite members of which hate each other............................... like The beach boys
    The Smiths..............
    The Kinks............

    can't think of any others at the momo

    You mean like cream?

  • The Verve have some court order that if they write music ever again, the money wont go to them as they stole that riff from Sweet Symphoney or what ever its called. So, unless they're stupid, i cant see that happening.[/QUOTE]

    You mean to say that writing music for anything other than money is stupid?

  • Smashing Pumpkins, all the way. Partly because they were amazing, and partly cos I just saw Billy Corgan and it was all rather disappointing.

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  • well some peoples dreams have come true, pink floyd have reformed, at least for the live8 gig in london, thats the classic dark side of the moon pink floyd line up, fingers crossed they will get on swimmingly on the day in question and will put behind their squabbles for a money spinning reunion tour, i would gladly give my right arm and 200 euro in the hand to see them at live8 in london(alas i shall be where the business is at in edinburgh at the time in question) or on tour.

  • If asked this a couple of years ago I would have said "Throwing Muses and The Pixies" and then they did :)

  • The Smiths and Soundgarden.

    It'd be so amazing if Morrissey was Marr were together again

  • Pearl666 wrote:
    Bad religion
    The Distillers

    Both still going strong!

    I'd like it if The Smiths, Alice in Chains, Iron Monkey, Faith No More and The Ramones got back together. Dead members don't help matters though :(

    ***Edit : And Sugar!

  • Steps.


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  • John2 wrote:
    They did and it was a big mistake. A couple of dates into the tour egos started clashing and the whole thing was a mess.

    The Pumpkins are the only band I can realistically see reforming and not be a sham

    yup it was ugly. a real mess. the pixies latest tour was actually much better than i expected, so kudos there where it is due.

    cant wait to see what the floyd will be like - apperantly they will reform to play at live 8 gig. ( probably mentioned in thread, but im too lazy to read all of it!)

    my blood valentine would be awesome, but i dont think shields would be interested. he gave pretty much all he had into loveless, dont know if theres anything left in the tank....

  • basquille wrote:
    and John Munson... not too sure what has happened him!
    i guess he got munsoned.. :D

    eh hem...

    1. Toy division
    2. Failure
    3. Jeff buckey + band
    4. Galaxie 500

  • Deadwing wrote:
    i guess he got munsoned.. :D
    Nice!... a quote from my favourite comedy of all time!

    And to prove it! :D

  • basquille wrote:
    Nice!... a quote from my favourite comedy of all time!

    And to prove it! :D

    I love that movie :D
    "park the sh!tbox outside" classic lol's right there ;)

  • The Smiths

  • GaRtH_V wrote:
    The Smashing Pumpkins, who cares about the rest
    seems you got your dream !

    see today (22nd june)


  • Definitely The Libertines, preferably with Pete involved but even the others reforming to do a few gigs would be great. Babyshambles just aren't as good

  • A House
    An Emotional Fish (better than that mudbug crap)
    The Golden Horde

  • The Doors... It wont happen though :(

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  • Rage Against The Machine, that would be absolutly savage, Zach seems to have disappeared off the radar though, anybody know what he's been up to? i know he released 2/3 songs but apart from that nothing.

  • A House
    An Emotional Fish (better than that mudbug crap)
    The Golden Horde

    A House and Microdisney definitely

    The Golden Horde weren't the best while An Emotional Fish were turgid (Grey Matter, Lace Virginia ugh)

  • Sweetness! wrote:
    Led Zep would be great too with Jason on drums...
    I have a rare vid of him playing with them at the Atlantic at 50 bash back in 1988 and they sucked. It was even worse than their Live Aid set with Phil Collins.

  • Op Iv
    The Hippos
    Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
    The Distillers