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HMV Playlist March 05

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    It has a few indie-rock gems on it by bands I've never heard of before: Ambulance Ltd, The Explosion, VHS Or Beta, and Hell Is For Heroes. All pretty cool songs.

    Anyone get this CD or know these bands? They're pretty impressive.


  • Ambulance Ltd played in Whelans last month in support of The Dears. The former were better than the latter; and are on CD too. Really like what they do.

    VHS or Beta - saw these play in support of The Frames in Chicago in, I think, 2002. A rather strange music they create, a type one will tire of quickly, IMHO.

    The other two I do not know.

  • I've heard of Hell Is For Heroes before... quite good, but I only ever had the single "Night Visions".

  • Any chance of throwing up the whole listing for the CD? I'm curious.

  • roxy wrote:
    Any chance of throwing up the whole listing for the CD? I'm curious.

    No? I'm just curious and can't go near town due to a major college deadline! :)

  • Ambulance Ltd are pretty good. well worth listening to. They've only got one album out at the moment (that i know of). Definately in my regular rotation.

    There's a few songs available on their site: Give em a listen if you can.

    EDIT: Just noticed they have another site:

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  • I've heard one of the Hell is for Heroes albums - The Neon Handshake. It's not bad. I like "Retreat" and "Slow Song". They used to play them on Phantom.

    They released a new album on the 14th of March. Has anyone heard it?

  • Here's the playlist. The first 10 or so songs are all r'n'b suff...

    1)Terri Walker - Feel Love
    2)John Legend - Lets Get Lifted
    3)Tweet - Small Change
    4)Keisha White - Open Like So
    5)Mario feat Cassidy - 18
    6)Jon B feat Tupac - Part 2
    7)Blak Twang - Beef Stop
    8)TI - Tha King
    9)213 - 213 Tha Gangsta Clicc
    10)Kevin Mark Trail - Backbone
    11)Fischerspooner - All We Are
    12)Annie - Always Too Late
    13)VHS or Beta- The Melting Moon
    14)Ambulance Ltd - Stay Tuned
    15)The Explosion - Grace
    16)Hell is for Heroes - They Will Call Us Savages
    17)Simple Plan - Me Against The World
    18)Brendan Benson - I Feel Like Myself
    19)I Am Kloot - Dead Men's Cigarettes

    Some really good tracks on there. I'm loving Brendan Benson's new album, although it does get a bit boring towards the end. Annie's song is a pretty good pop track too. All in all a pretty cool cd!