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Please check out my new album


  • just gave it a listen, good stuff.
    it wouldnt be exactly my cup of tea, but tis nice nevertheless.
    lovely guitaring!

  • It definitely sounds good. Congratulations on getting the album out the door!

    I'm surprised a Californian artist is posting on these boards. :)

  • Thank ya both for givin' it a listen to...I really appreciate it! It was a definite work in progress for a while, but I'm very relieved it's finally finished and even more so that you don't think it horribly sucks - hehe.

    If you think someone might like it though, please recommend that they check out my website. I'm working hard right now to build up a fan base and doing it 100% independently ( literally :) ), so any help is very appreciated.

    Thanks again!!

  • If you haven't already done, you should sign up to the CDBaby Digital Distribution Service (located here). That way people aren't limited to buying your actual CD. They can buy your music tracks on online stores such as iTunes and MP3Tunes.

  • Thats a good idea...I will definitely look into that. Thanks!

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