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What are your Late Late Show memories?



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    I remembered a proper fight with my sister that night (we were both teens) as to who got to record that on the video recorder. Simple times!

    ( I lost but got it on the repeat on Sunday morning )

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    someone find the full version as it’s toe curling

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    I still love the Spike Milligan interviews with Gay Byrne. I remember during Pat Kenny's reign the lads from Jackass came on set and Johnny Knoxville said to Pat 'Your socks remind me of the colour of vomit.'

    If you want to get into it, you got to get out of it. (Hawkwind 1982)

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    *Pat's chair makes farty sound as he moves*

    "That wasn't me."

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    I don't remember this but last year KillianM2 put up a video of Dermot Morgan singing a song 'Release the Little Bollox in D Wing' about Eamon Dunphy going to prison, a lot of impersonators seem to have affection for who they are taking the piss out of, but this was done with real venom, he approached Gay sheepishly after because of all the times he said bollox, think the video has been deleted.

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    Another memory of back then was the LLS was actually repeated on C4 on the Monday night, so got to record it then myself!

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    Circa 1986 I remember Barry McGuigan was on with a female boxer, cant remember her name. Gaybo was taking calls and this lad of about 12 or 13 with a strong Dublin accent came on. His first question was "what dya think of these women boxers Barry?". I think Barry said something about wishing them the best of luck. Then the caller asked the woman boxer "dya ever fight bare chested?"

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    How long were you in North Africa?

    Spike: 6 foot 4

    Interview moves on

    How long were you in Italy?

    Spike looking incredulous: Still 6 foot 4

    Mad Men's Don Draper : What you call love was invented by guys like me, to sell nylons.

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    Brendan and Trish were brilliant TV. I always wondered did they ever reach the biological heights.....the face on that doctor was classic. What a weird little place we were....

    She remained on the anti joy circuit, anti this that and the other, Iona institute type stuff. She's on a few videos.

    Burning question: did Brendan ever get an aul bj.....

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    The dubliners , therapy? , pwei, Gary Moore blowing the roof off, Jimmy Carr in prime, rhys ifans

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    I remember central heating wasn't a thing until the 80s.

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    I remember that. I'm by no means a Sinn Fein or Gerry Adams fan but Hugh made an awful tit of himself. Never liked him, always thought he came across as a right condescending snob in both his Sindo articles and in interviews.

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    That wasn't Pat Kenny, nor the Late Late. It was Marty Morrissey interviewing the family of Francie Barrett when he boxed at Atlanta 96. He asked his mother that question. I think it must have been during the sports feature of the late news because it was a live outdoors report from their halting site in Galway and I remember it was night and there was a bonfire.

    It was one of the most cringe inducing interviews I've ever seen. I've never seen it resurface online which must be to Martys relief.

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    I'm not totally sure if I saw it but I remember the controversy at the time, there was absolute murder from the usual suspects. Maybe about a year or so after there was a gay priest who worked with Aids victims in New York on the show. Then the one where Gaybo demonstrated on a banana how to put on a condom.

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    Francie carried the Irish flag at the opening ceromony in Atlanta but ubfortunately didn't win a medal.

    "Very soon we are going to Mars. You wouldn't have been going to Mars if my opponent won, that I can tell you. You wouldn't even be thinking about it."

    Donald Trump, March 13th 2018.

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    Funny how a lot of the “memories” coincide with the multitude of videos available on YouTube and the RTÉ player 😀

    But a good thread nevertheless

    I watched snippets in the late 70s and some full shows throughout the 1980s - honestly can’t recall a lot over this time although I do remember seeing a lot of the scenes now available on video.

    I certainly watched live, The lesbian nuns, John Cleese, Lenny Henry Audrey Hepburn, The Dubliners special, Gerry Ryan lambsgate, Maureen Potter special, all of which I think are available in part online

    Audience debate was what I remember the most - what topic they were blabbering on about I can’t recall but you had the feeling anything could happen so it was good TV - I remember watching a show dedicated to the travellers but again I cannot recall any particular aspects and don’t think I was up for the whole show - funny how we watch years worth of TV and yet very little is retained -

    The audience members invited to “sing” their greeting to their relatives and friends was painful at the time to watch but looking back now, was quite a unique and warm aspect of the show.

    Was that famous lost David Niven tape ever found that Gaybo often mentioned? Now that would be a video to watch if his performance was anything like his Parkinson interviews.

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    Kenny Live was a spin off from Saturday Live, which used to have a different guest presenter every week. Ran for about two years before Pat Kenny became permanant host and it was rebranded as Kenny Live. Cant be 100% sure but I think it had the same theme music which was retained for Kenny Live

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    Indeed he was although most of the shows of the 1990s were complete borefests especially the final 3 years except for the obvious ones mentioned like Annie Murphy etc I guess the novelty had well worn off and people just ran out of interesting things to say (except for Pee Flynn obviously😀)

    All the great Hollywood movie stars telling their stories were too old or too dead to appear anymore. I also felt it was a more critical time - we had less patience with things and I don’t think that suited the shows format anymore - we wanted more punchy entertainment (well I did anyway) not to be lectured too and people were much more critical of institutions - of course, Gay defending Bishop Casey in the Annie Murphy interview was a good indication of where his head was still at

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    One oft quoted interview that I can remember watching, though I dont think Ive seen it resurface online was a debate from around 1991 between gay and lesbian people and some holy Joe types. One of the Holy Joes said to a gay man on the panel why are you so obsessed with another mans rear passage (can't remember the exact wording but it did involve "rear passage"). Quick as a flash Gaybo himself said "there are a lot of Hetrosexual men obsessed with womens front passsages".

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,219 ✭✭✭Tombo2001

    Yeah thats a fair point- I'd say at that point Ireland had just moved on and he hadnt moved on with it - to be fair to him, he had been very good at reading the room for a long long time. Wouldnt say it was novelty - he was at it for 37 years.

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    There were some great moments on the programme.

    I don't remember this (too young) but The Virgin Prunes playing in 1979 must have traumatised auld biddies all over the country! 😁 First the set-up, with a restaurant-like situation (and a black woman!), and the post-punk/experimental music probably wouldn't have gone down too well, especially the vocals after 2 minutes. Then at the end, one of the entourage has a gift for Gay and also has one for everyone in the audience! 🤣

    And fair play for Gay to being open to allowing them on.