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Pudgy Penguins WIth NFT

  • 26-05-2023 4:54am
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    Recently, blue chip NFT Pudgy Penguins team announced the release of Offline physical Toys Pudgy Toys and Online digital experience Pudgy World two new products.

    These two launches by Pudgy Penguins use O2O synergies to bring ordinary users into the NFT world, allowing them to seamlessly become NFT players.

    What are Pudgy Toys and Pudgy World

    Pudgy Toys Pudgy Toys is a line of toys launched by Pudgy Penguins on Amazon, which became very popular after its launch.

    Pudgy World is a digital experience, accessible with an email address, where users can create and customise their own Forever Pudgy Penguin NFT, It offers non-NFT users their first blockchain wallet, first Soulbound ERC 521 NFT, and first ERC1155 NFT.

    In addition, according to Pudgy Penguins, each Pudgy Toys physical toy can be linked to the digital experience Pudgy World. According to the Pudgy Penguins team, this will be the first time NFT and blockchain technology have reached everyday consumers in a seamless way.

    In the past, the main way to obtain NFT was either to participate in the casting, or to buy in the secondary market. Both of these options require users to know how to buy cryptocurrencies and know how to set up to use MetaMask, and may ask to be active on Twitter/Discord. This is all using friction and barriers that prevent many users from entering the NFT world.

    How do Pudgy Toys and Pudgy Work

    Pudgy Penguins' two new launches, Pudgy Toys and Pudgy World, take a completely different approach, no longer trying to get crypto natives to buy NFTS, but for a completely unsuspecting, unsuspecting audience.

    Pudgy Toys: Pudgy Penguins have established a line of toys that appeal to the masses. Pudgy Toys buyers think they're getting a cute penguin action figure, but each physical Pudgy Toys comes with a code that can be redeemed for a treasure chest, a ticket into the digital Pudgy World. Pudgy Toys buyers can create and customize their own digital Penguin (Forever Pudgy Penguin) in the Pudgy World using the features acquired from the treasure chest.

    Pudgy World: Support for users to sign up via email and have their own Forever Pudgy Penguin NFT in it (note: Email users are hosting wallets) and also support for users familiar with cryptocurrencies to log in to Pudgy World via Metamask. Metamask users are self-hosting wallets). Each account in Pudgy World is represented by a Polygon wallet. Pudgy World allows users to create and customize digital penguins (Forever Pudgy Penguin) through NFT. The user created Digital Penguin (Forever Pudgy Penguin) is a SoulBound ERC21 NFT. Every time a user saves their digital Penguin on Pudgy World (Forever Pudgy Penguin), the NFT is minted into the user's wallet.

    In addition, these penguins can have different colors, hats, clothes and other features. Each of these custom features is represented by the ERC1155 NFT, and they are also tradable.

    How do Pudgy Toys and Pudgy World interact?

    Every Pudgy Toys purchased comes with a code that can be redeemed for a chest. Each treasure chest contains a range of items. These items are used to customize the features of the digital penguin in the Pudgy World.

    When a user redeems their chest, the Pudgy back end transfers the NFT containing the above characteristics to the user's wallet hosted in Pudgy World without the user having to contact MetaMask or purchase cryptocurrency. The corresponding NFT of Pudy Toys treasure box is cast in advance, so only transfer is required.


    Summarize Pudgy Toys and Pudgy World gameplay in three sentences:

    1. User registration of Pudgy World → Create wallets for them

    2, users create digital penguin → Soulbound NFT are minted into wallets without user interaction

    3. Pudy Toys User Redemption Box → NFT transfers to a wallet without user casting

    It's worth noting that in each process Pudgy's team abstracts away encrypted interactions that would normally scare off users. Some users may not even know they have a hosted encrypted wallet or their own NFT.

    In addition, Pudgy World has a feature NFT marketplace that allows users to purchase some items using a credit card. This is another way to reduce friction for non-encrypted native users.

    So all in all, Pudgy Penguins are using physical toys and a user-friendly online world to lure users to NFT. They hide a lot of scary encrypted interactions to reduce entry friction. Users experience the full Pudgy World without having to buy cryptocurrency.