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Help with headphones for hearing aid wearer

  • 28-01-2023 2:05am
    Registered Users Posts: 364 ✭✭ HorseSea

    My mother has two HSE aids, she is very deaf even with them. Her eyes are going and I want to get her listening to audio books.

    Is it better to get headphones that go over existing hearing aids or in ear headphones to use with the hearing aids taken out.



  • Registered Users Posts: 26,169 ✭✭✭✭ looksee

    I use 'overhead' headphones over my hearing aids and get on fine with them. It isn't I good idea to be messing taking out hearing aids, they can get lost (especially if her sight isn't good) and you have to put them back in if someone speaks to you.

    I don't have any problems with feedback noise, though when I wear noise cancelling earmuffs (using noisy machinery) I often get a certain amount of feedback.

    Finding comfortable headphones is another matter, my old ones are lovely, fit fine, I got some newer ones and somehow they do not sit comfortably on my head, but the mic is dodgy on the old ones so for skype calls I have to wear the new ones.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,303 ✭✭✭ nigeldaniel

    I would say over-the-ear headphones too. Getting a pair that work well is not easy. Don't go for very small, skinny units, as they will keep slipping off position, at least that is my main problem with headphones. If her hearing is very poor no amount of volume with those in the ear types will work. patience is the key to meeting things right.


  • Registered Users Posts: 364 ✭✭ HorseSea

    Great, I will try and get suitable over ear type so. Many thanks.

  • Registered Users Posts: 586 ✭✭✭ lowelife

    I have a pair of these which really do help, and lets you keep aware of other sounds around you.

    Do the hearing aids have Bluetooth? that could be a option for you without any cost at all.

  • Registered Users Posts: 364 ✭✭ HorseSea

    Thanks for the link, will investigate them, never saw that type before. In the meantime I have ordered a regular pair over over the ear headphones with a big enough cup to cover the hearing aids.

    Her hearing aids are not Bluetooth unfortunately.

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