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Enoch Burke turns up to school again despite sacking



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    Nonsense - there is absolutely nothing to suggest that Burke is a threat to any child.

    He was willing to go to prison for a figment of his imagination. He is clearly mentally ill.

    He shouldn't be anywhere near a child.

    The haunted creep needs to go now.

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    I'm not disagreeing.

    But we will see more of this and similar as evangelicals, who gave strong personal beliefs and fewer organisational controls, become more numerous.

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    That's what I was thinking too. The amount of unwarranted vitriol directed at this Burke fella is weird.

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    I suspect there'll be an increased focus on hiring practices in schools tbh. The likes of this idiot shouldn't be let within an asses roar of children.

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    Can you explain why?

    I agree with you (although its probably best applied at teacher registration rather than hiring) But it's hard to see how to frame the justification in non-discriminatory terms, or ones that don't have unintended consequences.

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    I don't like the demeanor of the guy, why couldn't he drive to school by himself. A real lack of humility by someone who identifies as Christian.

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    Genuine question, are pronouns dealt with in the bible?

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    He is not willing to go to prison for said figment. He is not unhinged he is a very with it grifter.

    He is going to prison for money.

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    Do people not realise that this thread is exactly what he wants. People talking about him, his family and his beliefs.

    If he didn't want attention he would've just stayed at home.

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    Does it matter? Is religion not addictive to some people?

    The point is that humans oft do whats not good for them, practicing religion falls into that category at times.

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    I know as much detail about the dispute as you or most people, if Burke was a Muslim I’d have the same opinion on the kid’s parents for pandering to them

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    yes, surely the department of education and the department of transport are pushing for children to get to school using sustainable travel, rather than being driven by their parents.

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    Probably difficult to frame in official public sector guidelines alright. A simple google search of any candidate being considered for an interview weeds these morons out in most private sector organisations "not a good fit for the culture of the team etc.", framing that in a manner for PS though is quite tough.

    Another good reason to remove religion from the education system entirely imo. Then you could weed out those from proselytising backgrounds as being "not in line with the ethos of the school" .

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    I'd imagine when your only social outlet is bath time with your siblings, real people terrify you.

    Especially when you're still doing bath time in your 20s.

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    On a serious note what is the deal with the dad turning up with him?

    He use do the same thing when they went to college in Galway.

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    Some things are good for you some things arent.

    Some people cant tell the difference and think whats bad is actually good, its a mistake often made by religious types.

    This is a good example, a follower of religion showing his intolerance, ignorance and hatred is going to lose his job and be rendered unemployable and socially outcast, and all because of a makey-up book about some makey-up people and what they may or may not have said a few thousand years ago. But hey he has “faith”. No job and time in jail but “faith”

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    Your last line would definitely not work as it would be against the Constitutional right to freedom of religion and beliefs.

    The teaching, or not, of region, has no relevance to the situation

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    The family all appear to be melodramatic. It's like that friend you have that loves to create drama to feel important.

    The discussions I have had about this case feel like those people were having about Charlie Sheen a few years ago. The man appears to be a bit deranged. He seems deluded about his own self-importance and the impact he is going to have. The actually beliefs he is defending appear to be secondary to his need to be a martyr. We all have beliefs we want to defend and there are pragmatic ways of trying to implement change. If he really did not want to call a child by a different pronoun he could have just refused. The theatrics and the contempt of court appear to be more about his ego and his need to see himself as a great martyr. I'm aware I've said martyr twice but I cannot think of a more appropriate word.

    Realistically, what he has done changes nothing. The law will not change and peoples views on the issue of pronouns will not change. He's made himself feel important though so...good for him.

    EDIT: I feel sorry for the child, their family and the staff in school. I imagine it's been very stressful for them.

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    With two applicants it'd be easy to pick the non-Burke and save a world of trouble.

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    I can't remember which book but there is a passage in the Old Testament where a man is dressing up as a woman and he is told not to do this.

    The metaphysical assumptions underlying the Bible would be that changing sex is not possible.

    Belief that changing sex is possible depends on a number of other beliefs. One is that the non-physical differences between men and women are "socially constructed". That in itself would not have been accepted by almost anyone from history. Or indeed most people alive right now.

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    But the thing is the vast vast majority of people don't have a view or opinion on pro nouns. I'm telling you now. Most people wouldn't know what a pro noun is if you stopped them on the street and asked them.

    The Burkes are contrary. If you told them it was raining outside they close the curtains and tell you it wasn't.

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    No idea but you’d have to imagine that a “good Christian” would respect another’s wishes to be called whatever they want to be called.

    The tide is turning…

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