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AO Graduate Civil Service 2022

  • 21-12-2022 3:08pm
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    Hi all,

    I was wondering what the process of being placed in a role after being put on the OOM for Batch 1 is?

    Is there any choice involved in where you end up, and are you able to decline one appointment to wait for another one? Also, are there any departments that are particularly sought after for AO jobs?

    I was placed in Batch 1 this year so very pleased but I am not really sure what the next steps in the process are. Any guidance would be more than appreciated!

    Many thanks 😁

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    For me I got clearance completed end of August and started first week of October. But that was during COVID so things moved slow.

    I think it's much faster now, particularly in ISD where the pressure is on. I asked some AOs here that started recently and they indicate between a week and a month and a half. That's with additional security clearance needed for DOJ.

    You'll be waiting for about a month as well to get your first paycheck as well, so factor that in. After that it's paid fortnightly.


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    You got in on Batch 1, so you'll get a job offer fairly soon, Christmas break notwithstanding.

    After you get the OOM, you'll get called for clearance, which means that PAS will check your documentation/references. When you pass that, you'll get told what department you'll be placed with, in Dublin somewhere. If it's Justice/Garda Civilians/? you might have to endure additional Garda security clearance for all your addresses that you've stayed at.

    I was told there's no harm in letting PAS know your preferences for a placement at the clearance stage, but ultimately it comes down to business needs.

    The AO role is very varied from Department to Department you could be placed doing any number of things within a Department, so it's hard to pick out any particular one as better than another. I will say I've been in Justice for 12 months and it's been incredible, easily the best job I've ever had.

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    Amazing, thank you! Would love to hear more about your experience in the DoJ 😃

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    The vibe is generally great. There's less stress than the private sector, the staff and managers are generally decent. There's a sense of pride in working for the nation and there's a clearly defined path to promotion. Lots of training opportunities available. I got lucky with opportunities and said yes to every chance to do extra work all year. I wasn't put in a traditional policy role but instead I'm doing the same function as the HEOs around me.

    Your mileage will vary all the same, DOJ is a big organisation. My understanding is that is has a fairly good rep in general. I can't speak to other departments, but I had a lot of overtime shifts so I earned a lot of extra pay, which was important to me financially as Dublin is expensive to rent in on an AO salary. I don't know how often one can earn extra money doing OT in other departments.

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    I was placed in Department of Finance. Hated it. Manager Didn’t pay my OT. Ended up going on sick leave and going to the Private sector. A huge number resigned in my area. Management is very poor and lack years of experience and expertise given recent retirements. Lets just hope the IMF doesn’t come back. Management is so poor and they can’t hold staff they will just roll over like dogs to more years of austerity!! They’re paid the big bucks in a central Civil service pensionable role so think they’re gods!!

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    I would like to add that the work ethic is actually quite poor. Senior management even show up late for meetings. EU files missing deadlines. As they hold the purse strings nobody talks out against them.

    Furthermore I definitely didn’t feel safe with my former manager given his schizophrenic tendencies.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 5 crystalani01

    Hello again ! Just wondering if you had any info on roughly how long the process took from getting called for clearance to starting in the DoJ? I have accommodation sorted for July but will not be called for clearance until I have my degree classification confirmed, which could be end of June. I am worried I'll have to pay for a room in Dublin but not have a job !

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    Hiya, I thought I'd answered this the day after but I don't see the post here. I asked some of the new AOs in my section and it took from a week and a half to a month and a half to get in the door after clearance.

    Mine's took nearly two months from end of clearance/signing contract to getting in the office, but that was during COVID. There's also a delay of up to 4 weeks before first payday, after that you're paid fortnightly.

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