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Call of Duty: World War 2 or Avengers

  • 14-12-2022 1:13am
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    I’m trying to decide these two games on xBox as a Christmas present.

    Are the boxes gs that plagued Avengers on launch all gone? Browsing Google I see that other problems have happened.

    but is it running okay now or should it be avoided?


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    I'd advise buying a good game instead of those two.

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    1. It's Call of Duty
    2. It's old Call of Duty so outside of a mediocre 4 hour campaign the multiplayer will be pretty dead as everyone is playing F2P warzone.

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    Advising that the multiplayer might not be very active is appreciated but saying “just because” isn’t helpful at all in regards why you think the game is bad.

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    It's the usual mediocre 4 hour CoD campaign when there's much better games out there.

    Unless of course it's a xmas present that someone asked for, then it's best to get them what they want.

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    Admittedly I haven't played Avengers since about 2 months after launch. The general gameplay was good, but not great. There was a lot of grinding and repetition. I think they actually did a good job of making all characters feel fairly unique with their own skills/abilities, while still keeping the same general control system. That said it becomes a challenge to level up several characters, and just increases the grind. Chances are the game will be sunsetted next year with no new updates, servers would probably shut down a year or so later. Overall, the game was mostly just a missed opportunity. They had so little endgame content at launch because they were saving so much for the "roadmap", that most people turned off.

    COD WW2, I haven't played, but it's a 5 year old game at this point and likely has little to no multiplayer base. I'm not sure if it'd be worth it at this point but maybe others can advise better.

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    Are you actually referring to the current game - 'Modern Warfare 2' ?

    my own experience on this -

    Campaign - 5 or so hours or Michael Bay style action, not the best in the series, but a solid 7/10 and has some genuine graphically amazing sequences

    Multiplayer - Endless fun across the tradition death-match, domination, etc modes, some lifelong fans complain a lot about it, but its very enjoyable.

    Co-op - missions where you team up with another player and do stuff in the open world - I've only played a bit, and its not my cup of tea.

    Warzone - Battle Royale, same as before, great map, some changes are not proving popular, and there are issues with audio, but I like it. **

    DMZ - Open world with teams of 3 competing against other players and AI to carry out missions and extract - a surprisingly great addition to the game ***

    ** - both of these modes are available as as separate download, for free, you don't need to own the main game.

    As for Avengers - This was poorly received due to an over saturation of microtransactions, and common complaints was that the different heroes the added later didn't really play any differently to each other. The story featuring Kamala Khan is supposed to be worth checking out. - its only 12 euros in smyths, and wont break the bank to have a look

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    Are you sure you mean COD: WW2?

    That's an old game and there's been multiple games since then. The playerbase would be small.

    Maybe you meant Modern Warfare 2 or Vanguard (a newer WW2-based Call of Duty).

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    Thank you all for the input.

    Yes I mean World War 2 :) - I was looking for a World War 2 shooter that wasn’t too expensive, and even though it is old the beach action looked good. I hadn’t considered the multiplayer but was more for the campaign mode that I was considering it but that is very short.

    I may go with Jedi Fallen Order and a Switch game

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    Just be warned, Jedi Fallen Order is Dark Souls but a bit crap with Star Wars wallpaper. Just in case you don't get on with Souls games. It's basically Dark Souls but with worse combat and frustrating level design and backtracking. If you are heavily invested in Star Wars you'll get some enjoyment out of it and probably forgive the flaws.

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    I really Enjoyed Jedi Fallen order, and I'm only a middling fan of star wars. The combat is what leaves it down, its almost souls-like, but doesn't have any of the balance the souls games have and tends to annoy by having groups of enemies engage you in melee combat while others are miles away shooting you all the time.

    The end is also a bit rushed, but theres plenty to recommend as well, as it shows areas of the SW universe not usually seen in the films and TV shows.

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    Is Call of Duty Vanguard good?

    Would the multiplayer be very active?

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,858 ✭✭✭eggy81

    If your going with call of duty just get the newest one. It’s far far better than any of the other recent ones and is also far better value for money.

    Failing that modern warfare 2019 is the next best option. Some would still prefer that to the new one.

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,210 ✭✭✭Homelander

    Vanguard takes a bit of license with WW2 as well, but it's a perfectly OK game. If the person has a preference for WW2, might as well get that over MW2 or MW2019 even though I agree they are better games, MW2019 in particular is the best in recent years.

    COD WW2 is more realistic WW2 but again it's an older game with probably a smaller playerbase though I'd imagine it's still active enough, all COD games are even ones that are a decade old.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,978 ✭✭✭Sexual Chocolate

    The Campaign in WW2 was one of the strongest of the WW2 games. Definitely more enjoyable than Vanguard imo.

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    I've heard vanguard is one of the worst.

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    I went browsing for alternative games and I think the Tomb Raider Survivor trilogy might be a good choice.

    it is €50 to download from the xBox Store but there are digital codes available on other sites ( ,,

    Are these reliable websites? Are the codes legitimate?

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,983 ✭✭✭Stone Deaf 4evr

    I've used both in the past and never had an issue, CDkeys is likely the more reputable of the two you mentioned. Just make sure they keys are for your region, I think they've tightened up on allowing you redeem keys form other regions.

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    Thanks for the heads up - the only Trilogy pack on CDKeys can’t be activated here and the codes for the first game that can are not available.

    I’ll keep looking though.

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    Doom (2016) or Doom Eternal might be good shouts? Great Single player but multiplayer is probably dead and not worth it.

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