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Kindred [FX/Hulu]


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    Liking this so far. It has the benefit, I think, of me only hearing of the idea but I don't think I've seen or read it in a production/book.

    Looked for a one liner to put into a thread because I wasn't sure there was a thread.

    I think the wiki page for the novel says it best:

    The book is the first-person account of a young African-American writer, Dana, who finds herself being shunted in time between her Los Angeles, California home in 1976 and a pre-Civil War Maryland plantation.

    Just that the LA is nowadays and not 1976.

    Watched 1 & 2: Solid intro. Characters and Story being laid out well. Big plot connundrum for me being the lack of control of the time travel.. which is one of the many hooks of the show for me. I'm guessing it will get resolved. The how...

    maybe something to do with the kid.. and whether he can bounce them back to the future

    I guess also there's a danger he turns bad and pulls them back to the past

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    3: Well. That must be it!

    Guessing it's like the mother said. That the boy pulls her back in time at near-death and she returns herself in time when she is at near-death.

    For the next episodes.. maybe there'll be time leaps and that young girl might grow into a problem.

    I assume there's a bigger story that the events from episode one went into but I'm not sure how they'll play out.

    What's due to lead Dana to be in the episode one starting point..

    Who the woman was that turned the baby..

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    4: I was glad Dana asked about the clothes because it was the first question that came to my mind! 🙂

    I'm guessing the overall story goal is ..

    to get the mother back. I guess to the mother she won't be going back to where she's from.. she'd be moving from her past to her future.

    Ah good ole time travel 🙂

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    5: Rufus needs a wife!?!? What is he .. like 12 or 13? 😁

    Well I'm not sure what they the story is aiming for now. I thought it was ..

    to get the Mother.. Olivia.. back but she just said she wants to stay.

    Maybe it will be to try to control the time travel and then use it to come back and try help more slaves escape like with Winnie just there.

    Though saying that, there's the still the open question of the flash forward from the first episode and also the guard who Dana possible brought to the present on that earlier trip.

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    6: Damn but that was Grim and Sad.

    Guessing they'll start trying to make changes next episode.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 10,501 ✭✭✭✭Slydice

    7: Yikes! 😲 As bad as it all was, this definitely escalated!

    I couldn't see a near-death event happening before this get the feeling that everything that happened here is to bring Dana to a point where she'll jump back to the future.

    It almost looks like Kevin is going to get stuck there and travel to Philadelphia with Dana's mother.

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    So that's the series. Overall, I found the story felt new enough to me to keep me interested.

    Of the cast, I thought the top performances came from Mallori Johnson as Dana James, Sheria Irving as Olivia and Ryan Kwanten as Thomas Weylin.

    The budget.. I thought it looked like they were given a shoestring budget but that they squeezed every bit of value out of it that they could get.

    Not sure about recommending jumping into it as it got cancelled with a fair amount to-do/unanswered. Details below.

    I did like that they brought the idea to the audience.

    8: Well damn! I kinda want to see/know what happens next! I guess it was going to..

    go into what became of Kevin trapped back there. Looks like he protected Alice

    then some about Olivia coming to terms with being back to the future

    and surely Dana going back to get Rufus and Alice together and rescue Kevin

    Future.. well no.. it's been cancelled.. just yesterday/today..

    ‘Kindred’ Canceled at FX (Exclusive)