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Movement specialists decent physios to treat chronic injuries in Ireland

  • 15-11-2022 3:00pm
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    Feel free to move this to more relevant part of the forum I figured it might get a higher engagement here.

    Does anyone know any physical therapists, Pain specialists, movement specialists, or anybody that can help with chronic pain issues? I've spent 1000s at this stage on your average run the mill physical therapists where you'd feel good coming out but in two days it's just the same issue. I was recommended Antony claffey before and Shane Flynn and david grey rehab(full up) is another name I've come across that is supposed to be quite good. I'm just looking for somebody that can treat the whole body and understand it and looks at the body as a kinetic chain and all connected. I'm tired of going into physios that really only focus on the area instead of the overall root of the problem. If anyone knows anyone that can help me here feel free to DM


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    In the same boat for the last few years. No injuries or anything like that, just issues brought on slowly over time by poor posture, excessive sitting, lack of exercise.....just the kind of stuff that doesn't bother a 25 year old body but becomes a problem at 35....

    Anyway, I also spent too much on physios and massages and all you get is temporary relief but 48 hours later you're back to square one.

    Sports injuries seem to be something that can be quickly rectified by physios because the trauma has only happened to an otherwise healthy and functioning muscle and with some rehab and massage, it can come right quickly. But when you're talking about a series of problems that have built up over years and layered on top of one another to create, as you say, a kinetic chain of issues, that will I'm afraid, take months of sustained effort to rectify.

    I found the only answer is to sign up to an online course which starts with the building blocks of stretching and flexibility and over a period of weeks and months builds up to strengthening tight and weak muscle groups all over the body. I bought a package from a physio in the US that gives you daily routines with videos and a 3 month schedule to follow. Now, Im not going to be joining any gymnastics clubs or anything, but it has made a major difference. I was at a stage where sitting for 20 minutes in the car was annoying and I was suffering back spams that put me out of action for 2/3 days. All because my hip, glutes and low back was very weak. Im now much stronger and more flexible in those areas and the pain and discomfort has come down 80%

    If you want more info, or the course in question, feel free to PM.

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    Never go to a physical therapist. Some are good, many are just masseuses.

    Chartered physio: look for ones who don't immediately reach for the ultrasound.

    Fir anything complex, I'd look for a registered osteopath. There's no Irish registration, so you need to look for UK registration. They take a more whole-body approach

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    I know a physical therapist who is actually excellent. Like unbelievably good in fact.

    not only because of the help she provided me with but there are tributes from professional sports people and athletes.. included on her site…a couple of them who were forthcoming were photographed with her so it ain’t makey up… talking members of the New Zealand rugby World Cup winning team one being the captain who lifted the trophy as well as others so they know what they are talking about and she’s actively working or has worked in multiple other sporting fields here…athletics and soccer being two.

    ’never go to..’. I’d beg to differ. So would many others.

    She is unbelievable..

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    The lead physiotherapist with the All Blacks is a guy called Pete Gallagher, he's been involved with them since around about 2004.

    Maybe she just her picture taken with them.

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    no she treated them…

    “She has treated professional athletes (including The New Zealand All Blacks), in addition to long term chronic pain patients specifically in the work industry.”

    I’ll send a link

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    If you give a general idea of where your based it might help to recommend someone close to your area. Otherwise you could be getting recommendations for all over the place.

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    Ah right, So some physical therapist are bad except the good ones and some physiotherapist good except the bad one's.

    And some people would disagree with your statement about osteopaths too. But that's another story