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Cross compliance

  • 02-11-2022 3:13pm
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    Hi all just got the dreaded phone call . Inspection on Fri noon.

    I have cattle and sheep. He said to get in ewes and go through tags. And cattle what ever is around the house. I thought they would want to see all the cattle. Cows are on the side of a hill at the moment . I know there isn't much I can do now

    Iv a few cattle with 1 tag missing and a few ewes with tags missing too. .

    Yer man seemed sound on the phone. Any tips???. Thanks


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    I don't know about the sheep side but make sure that all cattle are written into your blue book if you are using one with the dates (and herd no/mart) that they were bought in/born on the farm also dates that they were sold and herd number or mart that they were sold. If you had any gone to the mart but not sold you are suppose to write them out and back in again iykwim.

    Have you medicine register up to date with printed prescriptions on hand or be able to show them emailed prescriptions if they pick out a entry.

    With regards to the tags you could order them this evening online and tell them that you have them ordered. I don't know if it's worth making a note in the blue book at this stage that there is a tag missing.

    Have a locked medicine cabinet with your doses in it and don't have any unused antibiotic/POM bottles in it. Make sure that the doses are in date as in use by date.

    Other than that have your yard as tidy as possible with no bits of stuff/silage wrap lying around and make sure that there is no dung water flowing into drains.

    Other people may have more pointers that I can't think of at the minute.

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    Fair play theres plenty to go on there. Thanks v much. I'm on herd watch so not too bad. And ordered tags this evening

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    I had a sheep inspection a few years back and there was a few ewes missing tags. No big deal thankfully and the inspector was sound. Just took a list of what needed to be tagged. I ordered the tags, tagged the ewes on the list, and emailed him the tag receipt and a few pics of the tags.

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    Had a bookwork full cross compliance inspection some years ago.

    Inspector rang of a Monday evening to say he would be with me Wednesday morning.

    Said that's grand but have to bring full load of lambs for neighbour to factory as it was snowing and frost (2010?) and he was too nervous to go himself.

    Told Inspector I would leave key under the mat and herd register, flock register, remedies book,spray records etc on the table along with a packet of biscuits and to work away himself .Told him I might be back in time depending .

    He rang about 11 to say he was done.Never even saw him.Only think I do remember is a neighbour asking me about the lad who asked him that morning where I lived when he met him on the road with a slurry tanker and this the 4rd week of December.He wasn't too happy about hearing that news .

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    Great story. Hopefully things Friday will be seamless. Thanks

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    you can tag the ewes and record the new tag no. against the old in the flock register, make sure you have all the sales/purcjhases updated

    if in the sheep welfare scheme have the books up to date and any receipts available

    animal remedy records up to date & prescriptions for pom

    you could order the cattle tags on line and show him same, or depending on time of you get your post phone now, and you should have them in the morning

    have a footbath for him to dip his boots ,

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    Take a quick measurement of all your slurry and dung storage facilities as well and make sure you have enough of winter storage for what stock you have in the yard. Don’t forget to allow your freeboard in slatted tanks. You’d be allowed to calculate dung in a dry bedded shed at about half a metre deep.

    If you think you don’t have enough storage you’d be better to have a plan in place for the amount of stock you will be out-wintering bearing in mind there are restrictions on that also.

  • Moderators, Society & Culture Moderators Posts: 3,480 Mod ✭✭✭✭Siamsa Sessions

    This would the big thing for me at the moment. Thanks for the insight. I've something of a plan in place now for a few different options. All will take time and all will cost money. But your post has helped me get started. Thanks.

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    Another thing to watch for is that rain water from yard, roof’s, downpipes etc. is not getting into slatted tanks anywhere.

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    No problem. I’m sure we all have that field that’s earmarked for reseeding next year anyway and is plenty dry that there’s no problem getting out on it at any stage during the winter so it’s no problem moving the round feeder every 2 or 3 days to avoid poaching 😉😉

  • Registered Users Posts: 419 ✭✭joe35

    Let the inspector answer questions for you.

    If he asks something, stall on the answer and he'll answer for you.

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    Never knew that to be an issue. One part of my yard goes into the slatted tank and I’ve had inspections and never mentioned. I’d have to dig up the yard to change it!!