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Naughty or Nice: A Christmas Forum Werewolf Game SIGNUP THREAD

  • 27-10-2022 9:28am
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    So while we're waiting for Christmas to get here why not engage in a Christmas themed game of Werewolf. To experienced WW players this will be a basic game with only a handful of roled players to keep things nice and simple. To people new to the WW world, WW is a very fun and easy game to play.

    The idea is there is a good team made up of Nice roled players (players with powers) and NRV's (non-roled villagers) their job is to determine who is Naughty (A Wolf) and each night vote who they think are naughty. That person who is voted to be Naughty is then eliminated from the game. (A Lynch) All players vote in a lynch vote wither they're naughty or nice so voting strategy comes into play here.

    The Naughty team (Wolves) objective is to get a nice player taken off Santa's list (munch), they do that by picking one player each night to be Munched.

    We keep going until all Wolves have been eliminated or the Naughty players reach parity with the Nice players. I will help guide people along and any questions how the game works can be asked in this thread.

    I've put up a sample of the rules below so you get an idea of how it works! So who's up for it?

    Game Rules:

    1) Once you are killed do not post in the thread again. DEAD PLAYERS DO NOT THANK LIVING PLAYERS POSTS

    2) Don’t cheat, it’s a game that relies heavily on the players having integrity. No PMing other players in the game, and no chat about the game outside of this game thread. If you have any concerns about the game mechanics or the integrity of other players contact the mods who will make a decision. Do not discuss any of this in game or elsewhere. Always remember the mods may have secrets. 

    3) Please all try to reasonably contribute to the game thread and always remember to get a vote in (where it is possible for you to do so) as a minimum. There is a 5 post per day minimum limit. 2 missed votes will result in a substitution where possible or a modkill. Substitutions will be announced on thread by the game mods.

    4) No posting of any PM's from the game mod or referring or alluding to the content of them or any backroom you may or may not have, without prior permission. Note that there are new players playing, they may have been provided with backrooms to ask questions of the game mods irrespective of game role.

    5) Game starts with a pre turn (night 0), followed by an announcemnet at 10.30am Monday morning which begins Day 1.

    Day phase - 10.30am to 9pm

    Night Phase 9.30pm to 10.30am

    Lynch will be at 9pm votes must be submitted by 8.59pm.

    Lynch results will be announced at 9.30pm.

    Night phase will begin at 9.30pm to 10.30am.

    All night actions must be in by each day and munch will take place at 10.30am.

    6) All votes for the lynch have to be made by yourself. Voting will be done via separate voting thread. In the event of a tied lynch, the lynch will be decided by the mod randomness.

    7) Policy on Abuse: Boards has a no-abuse rule in place that is in effect in this forum as well. By all means, call people on dodgy behaviour, point out if they are being silly or behaving strangely, be aggressive in your approach; but DO NOT abuse another player. If you feel another player has stepped over a line, the first step is to ask them to stop; if they do not, please PM a forum mod (myself or Posy) or use the report button on the post in question. Forum mods will investigate and action any issues at an appropriate time, keeping the game mods informed of any actions as needed.

    8) Have fun, make memes, take the piss and try to enjoy the game. 

    Win Conditions:

    Wolf Win: Gain parity with the village

    Village Win: Kill all wolves

    Sign Ups:

    1. Yoss
    2. Nothing
    3. Aisling
    4. Leg end reject
    5. cup
    6. neowise
    7. lorcand
    8. JP Liz V1
    9. Green and Red
    10. Hello 2D
    11. Kitten_k
    12. duffman13
    13. sixtoes
    14. ectoplasm
    15. barney92
    16. Strawbs
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