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Cured / Home smoked salmon.

  • 13-10-2022 12:03pm
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    Did it last year and was early impressed with the results.

    Just Googled the curing method to be up to speed as I hadn’t written it down last year. Three results recommended curing with salt, sugar herbs and whatever you’re having yourself. AND WRAPPING IT before putting it in the fridge to cure, 4-8 hours.

    Last year I coated it with salt, put it on a rack on a tray in the fridge and let the excess liquid drip into tray. This worked. Should I try the new way, wrapped? Has anyone?

    Two sides ready…..Christmas is coming 😁.


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    Actually……..just made up a “wet” brine form salt, sugar onion and garlic powders. When the solution has cooled down, in with the salmon for 12-24 hours in fridge, dry and smoke.

    Dry brine / wet brine…….just “cooks” the salmon, smoking is imparting the flavour, that’s how I interpret it. 😬

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    That would be the case for cold smoked salmon.

    Obviously, if your smoking environment is hot, it will cook the salmon.

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    Cold smoked all right.

  • Moderators, Recreation & Hobbies Moderators Posts: 3,881 Mod ✭✭✭✭Planet X

    That’ll do 😃

  • Registered Users Posts: 422 ✭✭thereitisgone

    Looks good

    How long are you planning on smoking it

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    Smoked it for about 10 hours. Wasn’t too fussy about times really. Oak Smoking dust……as long as it was smouldering good……I let it roll.

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    You could if you want leave a piece or two in there for another few hours to see if you like the extra smoking more as an experiment it wont over power it with smoke its such a slow process, but 10 hours you definitely get smoke

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    I did it once during lockdown and very pleased with the result except it was a little over salty - can’t remember the amount of time on the BBQ but it was approx 7 hours I think - just wouldn’t have the time to do it again now - I do like hot smoked though as well and do that from time to time - much easier

  • Registered Users Posts: 422 ✭✭thereitisgone

    Did some rainbow trout on weekend, kirjalohi in Finland. Its always been very popular here but now that the Norwegian farm salmon is so bad that we get here, has no texture at all just mush that everyone here turning to this even more

    Salted for 12 hours first to draw out the moisture

    Smoked for 18 hours then vacuum packed for freezer