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Battery Pack

  • 29-08-2022 4:13pm
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    With the energy prices going up fast it makes you think about alternatives.

    I was thinking of switching to a night/day rate and installing batteries to run on during the day for the most part and not bother with the solar and just charge the batteries over night..

    stupid or it just doesn't work that way?


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    very doable, just do the sums in terms of monthly usage, capital & installation cost of battery + inverter and rest of safety gear... it's all to do with a reasonable return on investment period before warranty period expires! but future proof as solar PV is where it's at and where it'll be at for a good while yet

    any SAAS solution for just battery?

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    +1 interested in this discuss. I was thinking that same thought for my folks (late 70s so ROI is hard for solar). Only issue with it is that you'll never reduce electricity usage (and you'll have some % of losses into and out of the battery). With solar you will of course as it's making juice.

    But you'll save on price as you charge up at cheap rate during the night on a D/N meter. And if you got a good D/N EV tariff, you'd get 2-3 hours really cheap in middle of night. Would charge a lot of the battery and you'd load shift all else to that time too.

    I don't know enough about battery costs, lifespan (in terms of '000s cycles before it degrades) know. I have solar but no battery (bar EV battery sitting in driveway).

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    I'd go with a solar panel system and no battery. Battery prices have gone through the roof. There's no grant for them either. With the FIT (feed in tariff) in now, it just doesn't make financial sense. The FIT prices are much better than expected. A couple of companies are paying 18.5 cent and 20 cent per kwh. If you were to deduct that from usage, it makes a return on investment much shorter. Solar panels also last much longer than batteries.

  • Registered Users Posts: 33 ozanam

    Does anybody have any idea how much the Sonnen battery costs.

    Comes with 10 years or 10,000 charge cycles warranty. I know its not as long as solar but depending on price it could work out beneficial

    My usage is probably pretty high or maybe not I'm not sure.

    Below are the units I use and of that how much the EV uses. Currently on a 24 HR Rate.

    If I shift the car to a D/N rate and another 10Kw to a battery I would think it would have some big savings.

    Average daily. 28Kw & Car average 7Kw plus the 10Kw from the battery pack.

    so move 17Kw of the 28kw to a D/N meter.

    currently 28Kw @ .25 = €7 / Day

    17Kw @ .7 + 11 @ .27 = 1.19 + 2.97 = €4.16 a day

    and the more I shift stuff to night time that works out better

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    Sonenn are one of the most expensive batteries, look up midsummer wholesale they usually have them

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