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What will it take to drag Irish culture (kicking and screaming) beyond its hardcore Catholic roots?

  • 23-07-2022 12:04pm
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    Given it's the summer and the sunshine is in at the moment, I recently decided to take the advice of this gangster-rapper (link to original article):

    "If I got to choose a coast I got to choose the east, I live out there so don't........ go there,

    ..........but that don't mean a dude can't rest in the west, see some nice breast in the west".

    and pay a visit out west.

    Being the "cultural hub" of western europe (a title I believe it was legitimately bestowed with), as well as being a seaside location, Galway was top of the list.

    And it's fine, it's okay. Nice buzz about the place, but I'll be damned if that Catholic conservatism doesn't skulk surreptitiously just underneath its functional charm.

    Given population density and ungainly/poorly-planned cultural diversity, I think Dublin is an unwitting and vague exception in that, due to the former it's essentially coerced into being more open minded and accepting, in contrast to the rest of Ireland.

    Which is why a brief trip to Galway really "drove home" for me the genuine nature things on a national level.

    But what many fail to realize in light of our unexpected teleportation into the 21st century by way of EU partnership and the associated cascade of economic windfalls is, the very roots of what comprises Irish culture or "group-mindset", those core principles - they really haven't evolved much, if at all.

    Now some may readily relate to this and share that opinion, some may dispute it, some may just be scratching their heads thinking, "is it Saturday already?".


    But the question at hand is, on the assumption said contentions are valid, that at heart the vast majority of the native Irish demographic still hang onto those strict, oppressive and decidedly limiting Catholic values;

    What would you consider to be a practical, readily-available and potentially-effective-intervention the state/cabinet/government-ministers could bring into effect to modernize: that restrictive mindset, conservatism, group-consciousness, national-outlook?

    Or equally break apart constraints on contemporary culture, facilitating its evolution?

    Kind of really throw a spanner in the works of that hardcore Catholic conservatism and propagation of oppressive values?

    Cat amongst the pigeons.

    However you wish to characterize it.


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    Short answer?

    "It's vibe man".

    More insightful answer?

    "General behavior, nature of responsiveness". In spite of "all it's charm", it's not a really a progressive city.

    It might be more progressive than other more rural Irish locations but really, that's not saying much.


  • Irish culture has drastically departed from its Catholic roots in the last 30 years - no matter how much people pretend it hasn't. If you remember pre early '90s you'll see this clearly.

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    Did you have to go to mass?

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  • It would have made more sense to have used "kneeling and praying" in place of "kicking and screaming". It would have made a pithier sounding thread title.

    You're deducted 200 cool points, dude bro.

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    "however you wish to categorize it" well you didn't categorize it in one way let alone multiple ways. You need examples, otherwise it's just meaningless subjective words. What is conservative and what is progressive to you?

    I see you went with oppressive too, so you feel like there is a lack of individual liberty in Ireland? In terms of the legal framework or just due to social pressure?

    I've definitely felt social pressure growing up but my response was to set myself up as a bit of an outsider, bit of a weirdo, so I didn't have to meet any social expectations, then I left the country so it didn't matter anyway. It's always a choice to adhere to social pressure or forego the need for status. The latter is very empowering.

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    I'm sorry OP, it may be my liberal Protestant upbringing but I have to ask.

    What?? 😕

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    Where exactly has "hardcore catholicism" had any impact in every day life in recent times here in Ireland?

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    I think an oughtright ban on Americanized spelling will help stop us sliding down the slippery slope into right wing republican religious zealotry prevalent across the pond.

    That and try sticking to the 'light' or 'free' versions of carbonated drinks. It helps prevent the sugr rush going to your head.

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    OP has been warned not to start this type of thread on a number of occasions

    Thread closed and Od banned as previously warned

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