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Water "Battery" 20kwh+ of extra storage



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    It's got cold, hasn't it?

    Was away for just under a week, maintained the temperature at 18c

    Didn't want to try to lift the house from cold when I got back.

    when it was mild, the 12kwh I was putting in it a night was fine.

    When it got cold, it wasn't enough. It never got ahead. (Charging at 3kw).

    So was able to run both immersions to heat the tank, that was able to get ahead. But used about 50kwh (would have been 6L of oil though!)

    Although by time night rate rolled around again, the house was at about 17c (and dropping) tank was also at about 20.

    Now that I'm home, the tank is heating the house in the morning. And also filling in the gaps when the fire dies down.(turf, from less than 2km away.. solar dried!).

    Last night 34kwh was put into the tank.

    Tank flow out temperature is set at 46c,

    If I put a heatpump in, (would be looking at a propane one, as that has a better cop at higher temperatures) a 10kw one should be enough for my house, would be plumbed straight into the buffer tank. Cop of 3 should be obtainable.

    Theorycraft, 100kwh of heat/day for nov-jan, 90 days.(no fire) 3000kwh of electric via heatpump vs 9000 using pure electric.

    9000kwh, put into perspective you wouldn't have much..if any change from 1000L of oil.

    House is lovely and warm. Occupants are not complaining 😆.

    This is mostly an eddi install, not sure if it's on a buffer tank or DHW, but someone is a crazy as me.. but with a lot more funds!