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28 Day Warning Notice

  • 13-06-2022 9:16pm
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    Where a party has received a 28 day Warning Notice from their Landlord for anti social behaviour, what does this mean please? If the party repeats bad behaviours what happens next? Do they get notice to leave?It is not myself but another party who has received this.


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    The party needs to stop the parties or they will be partying somewhere else after they receive a notice of termination.

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    Is it just a warning? If so, then if the anti-social behaviour recurs, the landlord can submit a notice to terminate the tenancy within 28 days (or seven days in the case of more serious anti-social behaviours such as violence or harassment or actions that might cause serious damage to the property). Once that notice of termination is issued, that's that; the tenancy is over regardless of whether the behaviour stops after that point or not.

    If you already received a prior warning and this is a 28-day notice of termination because the anti-social behaviour didn't stop, then it's too late to correct the behaviour; the tenancy is terminated as of the effective date and you must leave, unless you think you have grounds to challenge the notice and want to try your luck with the RTB.

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    Thank you for the explanation. It's not me who got the warning but people in my neighborhood did and I was wondering what the process is.