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January 6 Public Hearings



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    Richard Nixon resigned because he lost in the court of public opinion, not in a court of law (or through impeachment). It does not appear that the House Committee has won public opinion in a Nixon like sense against Trump.

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    Jan 6 cmte is still conducting hearings

    The House January 6 committee’s focus on US Secret Service witnesses is intensifying, as the panel has conducted two additional interviews over the last two days, including one with the onetime head of former Vice President Mike Pence’s security detail, multiple sources told CNN.

    The committee is also expected to interview at least another half dozen Secret Service witnesses in the coming weeks, including current and former officials and agents, the sources said.

    On Thursday, the panel heard from the former head of Pence’s security detail, Tim Giebels, according to a source familiar with the matter, underscoring the committee’s continued interest in learning more about what the Secret Service knew about threats to the then-vice president ahead of the US Capitol attack.

    Lindsay has been trying to evade a Grand Jury inquiry into his phone calls to Georgia trying to 'find votes' - all the way up to the SCOTUS, who denied his request for a stay. Graham tried to allege his phone call to GA was protected by the Speech and Debate clause (protects Congress members from being 'questioned in any other place' for their speech and debate in the Congress), but neither the phone call recipients nor he were on the senate floor when he made the call. Graham will have to testify now. New date not yet scheduled AFAIK

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    Whats the timeline in terms of wrapping up the Commitee and the Reps taking control of the Senate and canning it? And are potential FBI charges totally separate from that,ie the can of worms is open now so their investigation into Trump will continue regardless of the Commitee being moth balled.

    Its looking like Trump is going to declare for a 2024 run in the next week or 10 days so that complicates things further, even though it shouldnt

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    I'm not sure on the exact timeline, the cmte must finish and publish its report probably before the end of the term. At that point, once their findings have all been transmitted to DOJ, the GOP control of congress let's presume, can pound as much sand as it wants and make as many investigations as it wants but the DOJ could still independently act on any information they already have.

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    ok well thats good given they know they are on a clock to produce their report. I presume the Reps controlling both Houses doesnt give them any power to change the leadership in the FBI/DOJ, only Biden could do that? Could they make things awkward for Merrick Garland, like go launching a frivolous inquiry in to him, roll out the political witch hunt greatest hits? I can see this getting dirty regardless.

    I wonder when the FBI could be ready to charge him. There was a tweet a few days back saying the DOJ are lining up their heavy hitters on the Trump case so it looks like they are preparing for it. Even the Mar a Lago stuff, there has to be charges there. No other citizen would get away with stealing nuclear secrets and then trying to hide them when they were asked to be returned. It would be actually insane if Trump were let off the hook on this one over some perceived threat of riots in the streets. Thats what the National Guard are there for, like use them and crack some skulls if necessary.

    In any case his legal case in New York looks like it will be a hammer blow if Letita James can secure a guilty verdict there. It might end up in him having to sell Trump Tower and his other property interests in the state if she gets a ruling that disqualifies him and the 3 kids from being directors in the state. I was reading she is trying to prevent him appointing proxies as well so if she wins he is really fcuked in New York.

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    Oh yeah they can for sure find ways to trot out any member of the administration to the Hill but they won't have the power or the votes to impeach or remove anybody. The worst a lameduck senate would do is block confirmation of new appointees - but if Biden so desired, Trump left the WH a playbook on using interim appointments that are then never ultimately the subject of needing to be confirmed: the agency head resigns and a subordinate already working in the same agency gets the acting hat.

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    Donny Dodger

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    They will eventually get him he seems to be stalling no point going if the Dems can control the house or what ever.

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    Buzz that the committee is poised to bring forth criminal referrals


    Previously, the committee alluded that at minimum, Trump is likely to receive a criminal referral for contempt of congress. Recent case precedent shows Trump is likely to be convicted of that charge on the merits.

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    During the ceremony where they were awarded their Congressional Gold Medals, Mitch tried to solicit handshakes from Capitol police officers who saved their asses on January 6. Kevin would later move to attempt to block them being awarded these medals, and Mitch wasn't much better when he flipped from condemning january 6 and blaming Trump as responsible for it, to saying he could not be impeached for it. Each recipient seen here openly snubbing them:

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    "Donald Trump orchasted a scheme to overturn a presidential election and block the transfer of power" He really thought a bunch of hicks were going to overthrow the united states military huh? Thats actually what the committee thinks and its astonishing how many are gullible enough to believe it

    Also , a subpoena has to be issued by a court of law, which that committee is not. Hence why they said "refused to comply" Its his right to ignore them and there's not a damn thing they can do about it.

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    He really thought a bunch of hicks were going to overthrow the united states military huh?

    Are you suggesting that was necessary to the plans outlined goals?

    Or simply trying to gaslight because you already know that January 6th was about January 7th, not a 2nd revolutionary war.

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    Why comment on a thread about the Jan 6th hearings when it's obvious that you haven't watched single one of them?

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    It's a thread where a trump supporter is calling trump supporters dumb. In these instances you leave them at it and just sit back and watch it unfold.

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    The committee will meet publicly for the last, last time, to publicly announce their report and their criminal referral for Trump today at 1PM EST (in about 3 hours)

    free link

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    It’s not going to make any real difference. The people who saw what happened on January 6th and understood the seriousness and who was responsible will still think that after today, and the MAGA who think that the deep state and whoever else is part of a witch hunt against trump will believe it even more after today. That documentary that is/was on Netflix is enlightening, as even after the fact, the people involved still believed they were right.

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    hopefully this is the end of drumpf

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    Lock him up

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    They're going to release their huge volume of evidence to SC Smith. That, more than anything imo, will be its legacy and critically important. The committee is bearing witness to what happened. Hopefully that evidence is made publicly available eventually.

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    Congressman Raskin getting to the goods; what charges will be recommended.

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    Oof, now over to the Justice department. Compelling viewing.

    Needed to be done.

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    Seems he got his diatribes in yesterday, probably be more later

    "The Democrats will do anything not to run against me, MAGA, and putting AMERICA FIRST,” Trump wrote. “Remember, they are the Party of MISINFORMATION, constantly saying the opposite of what they really want.”

    From there, the former president trashed the FBI.

    “The FBI’s Illegal Left Wing DOMINANCE over TWITTER, FACEBOOK, and other Big Tech companies, has been a shock to the World, but remember, this was only one of MANY ways that the 2020 Election was Rigged & Stolen!!!” Trump wrote. He added, “DON’T FORGET, THESE THUGS SPIED ON MY CAMPAIGN!!!”

    Trump concluded his Sunday morning diatribe with a series of posts denouncing the Jan. 6 committee.

    “The Unselect Committee of political hacks are the same group that came up with the RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA HOAX, not to mention many others,” Trump wrote. “They are Corrupt cowards who hate our Country!!!”

    He added, “Republicans and Patriots all over the land must stand strong and united against the Thugs and Scoundrels of the Unselect Committee. It will be a dark period in American history, but with darkness comes light!!!”

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    Ari Melber is on tour publishing copies of the report, here's his longform seminar about what he summarizes the report, and observes how a) the 2nd impeachment of donald trump was a tip of an iceberg (my words not his), and b) even the mandate for forming the jan 6 cmte was the tip of a bigger iceberg - ie. they were formed to investigate "the 6th" not "a coup"

    "This was a coup."

    Flannery's opener is a real snoozer imo though, poetry and adhd asides :)

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    “Every single one of those Capitol law enforcement officers, death is the remedy, that is the only remedy they get.” - Stager

    Beau marks it better and more historically than I can imho, below, but Stager has been sentenced today to 4 years in prison for beating an officer bloody with the American flag: