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Heating water only

  • 25-05-2022 5:14pm
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    I have quite an old gas boiler system that allows me to heat radiators + water together, or by turning a gate valve located next to the boiler it will heat water only.

    Coming into summer now I'd like to heat water only however the gate valve is quite corroded and leaks when turned. Is this a big job to repair/replace ?

    I have a hive system recently installed and I'd love to be able to choose heat water or radiators from the hive app. Is this a possibility once I get the valve fixed ..I assume I'd need a motorized valve fitted and then get someone to update the hive system (would it need new wiring?)

    Thanks very much


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    No not a big job, you just need to drain system, put in new valve & refill. I presume there is some connector on the hive with a relay output for this though I have never used one

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    If replacing the valve you might want to look at a motorised valve. This can be connected to the Hive / nest.

    If you don't want to replace anything you could just turn off the rads during the summer so when you turn on the boiler it will only heat water.

    The immersion in the hot water cylinder can work out cheaper to heat the water. Especially if you are only heating half of the cylinder

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    Thanks. Ideally I'd like to avoid the immersion as inevitably it's left on and forgotten about..I know I could put a timer on it but given we've gone to the expense of getting the hive fitted I'd like to integrate the water heating into that. Could any plumber work on the hive or does it need to be done through bord gais ?

    Anyone able to recommend someone in South Dublin for this job to fit a motorized valve and link it up to the hive?