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I Love Punting , Providing Selections & Chatting Gibberish ; & I Intend To Do So On Hyah



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    No joy with lay - but backed winner before off 😁

    2 late 2 post it alas (i'm givin meself a pass there 😋)

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    Another stellar assessment j@u 🙂 will have a look at that race in due course

    and in other news, #thread moves on tee page two !! 😂

    #may vary across devices - i is on laptop here [with a 17" screen - not exactly 28, but won't grumble 😂]

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    Remember the unstoppable INTERNATIONALANGEL? she's racing in ParisLongChamp 4:37 today with H Doyle installed on top. It's amazing achievement for a filly who started her career without much promise at all. I'm not backing her but I can't wait to see the result.

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    Was that one of A Brittain's ? - ran up a string of victories on the Tapeta, if i aint mistaken,, Look - Will - Have

    a note on 2.52 Strt

    Word to the 'unwise' - Stay Away From Selling Hurdles 😒

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    Was that one of A Brittain's ? - ran up a string of victories on the Tapeta

    I was 'mistaken' - J Chapple-hyam's horse so she is; with most of her victories on the poly at Chelly

    Will hope she obliges :)

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    don't expect much response from me on jumps cases as I'm not following that part of racing, I find flat racing sending my brain into overdrive so I better not to complicate things further.

    I'm disappointed with PP not paying 4 places in 5:10 Ripon where a bunch of 14 is expected to show up this afternoon, instead they're offering places in 5:15 Naas, 15runners there, but me doesn't want to get involved in irish racing either 😂

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    Sandbeck has a small question mark against her imo - a winner over #6f on her first ever run, and hit the line reasonably well lto when winning over 5 at Notts. #Wasn't quite 6fs mind, and Carlisle a stiffer test I feel.. ~ 2/1 a fair price, but I'd rather be against..

    I like your pick j@u in that 4.10, as well as the topweight of O'Meara's (who's a CD winner from last June on top of ground - will forget her latest run, as -'absence' ) ,, has a big weight tho,,

    might back them two e/w - I know - only 2 places, but me no care ☺️

    Will consider Mid Winster for a place lay - arter I read your post which popped up mid-typing 😁

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    3.22 No joy at all with poor auld Pawpaw; 4th... jolly wins

    yep, Irish racing way too tricky - and the 5.10 at Ripon's a fair puzzle - looks harder than a medium level (that game whatever it's called with numbers and boxes) game of numbers 😋

    did my two Rip picks e/w and left off the place-lay on MW

    think I've enough done today - might do Internationangel win, and leave it at that..

    Overall not a lotta joy 2day - time to rustle up some snap :)

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    No joy in that 3:10 race, Adjuvant gave up his second spot to a long shot at the very end, so I won't see that money falling back into my PP a/c. I'm just glad that fav and Franz got soundly beaten 🤣

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,064 ✭✭✭j@utis

    In 5:10 Rip, three top in the betting met in Thirsk last time and today they'll be racing each other more or less on the same terms. If I'm to pick one of those it'd Eldeyaar ridden by our favorite Cam Hardie 🤣 although Prayer Matt is in notebook but I expect those low drawn, incl the fav, to encounter some trouble in running in this biggish field.

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    @j@utis - check out the 1 horse in 4.40 Ripon 🤣 name almost rings a bell hehe 😃

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,064 ✭✭✭j@utis

    in 3:10 Sandbeck didn't find any today, I don't know whether it's a trip or ...? Selby's Pride 2nd. That's enough of losers for me today 😅

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    a few seconds meself - one there in Ireland and another in France

    poor International Angel - a gallant 2nd, but no mustard cut for me 🤣

    that's it 4m me 4 2day :)

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    5.10 at Ripon's a fair puzzle - looks harder than a medium level (that game whatever it's called with numbers and boxes) game of numbers 😋

    Hayley on SSR said "a very big puzzle to solve" about this very race,,

    not the first time I've suspected they've (Sky Sports Racing folks) been following t'thread(s) - including the one in the 'old country' 😂 ,,, I think Weaver was at it last week - forget which race exactly 😅

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    Will take a flyer on Act Of Passion here

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,064 ✭✭✭j@utis

    I think Tilsworth Ony Ta sounds more like you, leff 🤣 Far side got it this time, it's hard to make notes for the future races when the fields splits like that.

  • Posts: 7,792 ✭✭✭ [Deleted User]

    them Tilsworths is cliff horse j@u - tryna avoid puntin them 🤣

    No joy with me outsider,,

    have one for another outsider e/w in Killarney (delayed) bumper - OUR CHAMP ~ 20s

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    My bad - he's well punted on now, since i bet him about 5mins ago,,, intee 9s 😋

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    Massive delay there - still in t'parade ring for 5.30 Kil,

    think a punter at the course had an accident earlier :(

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    4th Our Champ ,, fcúk me! 😒

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    Looking further afield than the morrow (might have gotten over my placed-itis by then 😪) I've had a squizz at Wolves.

    Tues 17th May Wolverhampton; in lieu of a notebook, I'll put my early doors thoughts up on the 3.50.

    Rose's Girl (8) was staying on, while not winning, over 2 separate races at Newcastle this year. Those were over 1m & 7furlongs; and with Wolves being a bendy track, I'm dubious as to whether Ed Dunlop's filly, the ~ 9/4 out on her own 'paper fav' , will stay the extended mile here on a bendy track 😋 Likely I could be wrong, and Ed, one would presume, knows more about placing horses than me.,..

    all the above could be moot, as the damm bitch 😋 is down to go at Redcar over ~ a mile (where she'd likely have stronger claims) t'moro,, FML 😒 😓 thought I had a reet good angle there - might could be she still tackles AW on Tuesday..

    The CD winning Little Raven (5) has obvious claims,,, her last run is interesting when she weren't beaten very far over a likely too short 7furlongs, had to go wide then, but was staying on at the end,, possible Nap??

    Tony Carroll's You Are Everything (6) has to merit a betterer look; being by Belardo, and having her first run in hcap from okay draw,,

    Twilight Tone (2) is one who could go well with application of money 🙂 Nonetheless, and I would surmise that shrewder judges than me might posit that staying the extended mile could prove too much for the Millman horse,, that said, he's drawn in stall 2, so may try a 'catch me if you can' bid..... A possible in-running lay bet at short odds? Imaginary randomer: "Aye ya prikk - like I've got a highspeed connection/get foortage quicker than most/have fast fingers etc etc,,, " ,,, me: calm doon dude - have an in-running lay at short odds on t'offchance, and just let chips fall where they may.. Back to the other (imaginary, but always ready to tek umbrage) dude ,,,, "sorry leff, my bad, not a bad idea actually,, i'll have a look and see if TT is possibly gonna be an 'out on his own' leader; and p'raps (as you say) a win lay at ~ evs, and at a lot shorter odds for the minor places, in the in-running lay market,, back to me: Aye man, you know it makes sense 😊

    Perhaps the most interesting one of all, to me, is Gary Moore's Klip Klopp (1) , who's possibly a deal better than his form figures would suggest, was well supported lto, and has a good draw..

    In fairness to this "At The Races App Market Movers Handicap" Class6, there's nowt in it trained by any of: Butler, Jardine, Furtado, or any of the Loughnanes, so that do simplify things a bit for punters like me, who might be wary of those former chaps' charges' chances, had they any entered :)

    Stand on me, I'll back the winner of this race, if i have to back 'em all 😏 😆

    and on that note of degeneracy, ahm oot !

    I once saw a post by a long gone legendary (or maybe he's still around - can't think of the chap's name on here) poster, and it ended with a classic line.. I think it's apt here: "If I could thank this post, I would" 😀 In fairness to me, I figure I brung some good analysis and comedy to proceedings :))

    anyway, fare thee well ye ~ half dozen or so, some of whom might have places to go to and 'clock-in' for tomorrow 😆


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    Still on Tuesday (nowt much on TV atm) and have had a look at the second at Brighton,,

    few thoughts:

    Golden Whisper is looking like, out of a few possibles, to be, or at least try to be, the likely leader here, over this, the as near as dammit 7furlongs trip.,, can see him fade late on... Pl-lay perhaps,,, has a massive weight too, which is likely to be unhelpful,,,

    Sir Duke ran well at the extended 5 at Bath lto, on similar going (gd to firm - firm in places) as what's promised/expected on the day,, was staying on at the end, eventually finishing third,, there's little on form to suggest he can stay the trip here,, potential place-lay as well.. Will hope both his and GW's price are favourable (ie short) towards that end,,

    Storm Asset looks good atm as an e/w poke here,,, A replication of some of his best AW form, esp on polytrack (namely Chelmsford over 6f two runs back & Lingfield over 7f in Jan of last year) should see the Wigham horse be bang there,,, little turf form to speak of really - first three of his 13 in total runs were on turf - but those were early in his career, and there was soft in all the going descriptions,,, first-time blinkers sparks optimism also

    The Charmer's 2nd place finishing lto over seven at lowly Southwell don't impress me much,, deffo hope he's short based on that run,, a faster pace on proper ground on turf gives him a good squeak for finishing in last three here 🤣 another one what's meritorious as far as laying for a place goes,,,

    2moros fair hasn't peaked me interest at all

    good bitta study did there 😂 An artist, like me, is subject to the ephemeral divulgences of the, alas, sadly transient muse,,, hard to get the creativity going when she's gone for a burton - much as i'd like to put up 20+ picks in a dozen or so races, in advance of proceedings, it aint that easy...

    I'll rest and try to get my inspiration reinvigorated,,

    over and out ,, roger Roger - what's your vector Victor? 😄

  • Registered Users Posts: 716 ✭✭✭Konny Rool

    Monday 16th May

    hello all 😊 nice thread here 🙂

    In the 7.50 Leicester Pure Dreamer 9/4 is not doing it for me. He ran a good race at Lingfield last time when winning over the 6furlong trip. That was an improvement, but his odds are very short. He is lightly raced however.

    I can't remember how many I've seen that can be given place claims, so will just try to pick one with both place and win claims. And another with either/or each way claims/place lay claims - dependent on the track conditions.

    That said the going is good to firm - good in places, and it's on that going that I am basing the claims of the two (in total) picks I have here, with one each way and one place lay possibility. Am seeing showers forecast for today so am not concrete in my plans for the two below.

    LORD P is only 5/1 unfortunately. I was kinda hoping he'd be bigger for this. I'm liking his run at Carlisle last August as regards him having a good chance here. It was a lesser race but he won it well. It was on good ground. Has been off the track since January and often starts slowly - those have to be considered negatives. Kieran Shoemark is on top and is a good pilot. If it rains and the ground has no firm in it then that's fine I feel. Probably does not want much firm in description, but that is a guess as there's little sprint form to go on. e/w possibility.

    COCO BEAR 5/1 has also some good form, but in lesser races. Good to soft would give him a chance here. If the going remains the same, and his price gets no bigger then I'll look at him for a place lay. e/w possibility if ground good to soft.

    Will wait until later on as way too many unknowns. It's the 2nd last race so we should have a good handle on what the conditions are at that stage. Until then I'm holding fire.

    Be nice to get a winner up all the same.

    Good Luck 🙂

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    Cheers for that Konny, and besta luck mate 🤣

    If a top three poster can put up a pick for the day that's in it, then ole leff surely can too 😃

    Was watching the babexs on the '900' channels, and had the boards on on me dog, so when i saw your post i says : "go on leff, find summit - anything for today,, " So, being as i weren't up to much, a race caught me eye - couldn't find an angle, until, well, i did; but, alas it were for tomorrow 😪 (Tuesday) at Hexham, so not much good for Monday punting... getting on now, and like i said earlier - no race has piqued me interest (for)today..


    Tuesday 17th May

    8.03 Hexham

    hard not to see the likely (looks about 4/7 with the one or two that has it priced) odds on jolly Sputnik (no interest at that sorta price at all at all) prevail here... Like Morten Harket, I hunted high and low, but could not find a 'viable' (of sorts) until I did,,, that 'viable' comes in the shape of the 6yr old ~ 14/1 shot STRIKE OF LIGHTNING as an e/w possibility,, First run over the larger obstacles, but did win his PtP when in Ireland,, Since then he had one NHF run before going to England,, has had 5 hurdles' runs there, with most moderate (at worst) and a few poor (pulled up twice) , but those were over a variety of trips and ground conditions, so has experience [but also possibly unexposed one might say] as pertains his chances in the chasing sphere.

    Am thinking if he jumps okay, then he has a reasonable chance at a good price,, looks like Dis Donc ~ 15/2 will set the fractions, and maybe my ew pick will be held up,,, if he jumps okay and aint too far back, then he might arrive late on.. will likely know fate early on, as in he might not be very fluent, and be detached (by too far) early doors,,,

    couldn't make a viable case for anything else (outside fav) and i might not have considered the Bewley horse at much shorter of a price,, trainer and jock have a good strike rate here,,, SOL ran okay at the course lto, when hurdling, for a fair while, until being pulled up, over a further trip.. pace is likely to be not as hectic in a race over fences, so 'green shoots' there - although he chased the pace then... perhaps he mightn't, but who knows?

    Sired by Jet Away and I can't find a lot of recent chase form for his progeny, and only two places with just seven declared, but he looks a sporting ew bet for small money..

    Could be a hard luck story or three here, as a lot of these frequently make mistakes both hurdling and chasing, so that's neither here nor there, but if Dis Donc gets to the front early, then he's only really got to mind his own work, and not worry about how the others are faring; at least not til relatively late on in the race,, Maybe do DIS DONC e/w also in case a few of them behind find themselves out of contention for reasons various. Likely the fav will follow the leader, so he probably needn't be too concerned about any poor jumpers here...

    Might try find one before then for today, but am just not 'feeling it' atm,,,


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    Monday 16th May

    best i can do for a pick for today is an ew outsider

    1.45 Ffos Las ROKOCOKO BLUE 18/1

    Come 10th in her bumper when chasing t'pace - led for a while, but weakened in late stages of race,, Filly is by Shirocco, so not a proven unknown that this longer trip won't be suitable,, pace will be slower too, which should help,, She'll do me as a speculative pick... 2 places as five line up..


  • Registered Users Posts: 2,296 ✭✭✭liamtech

    Lord P seems to have drifted a bit to 7-1 atm!

    Sic semper tyrannis - thus always to Tyrants

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,064 ✭✭✭j@utis

    Good day, all.

    5:40 Windsor - I have a small cheeky e/w on Menalippe 8/1, purely based on trainer/jockey stats, good draw & future entries.

    But still I think it's between the top two in the of the market Panama vs Betweenthesticks. Betweenthesticks has his form boosted by the winner and finishers below, Panama showed enough promise on his for run to convince everyone he's worthy of the fav spot. I can't quite decide which one I fancy more, so I'm asking here for the host & audience help 🤣 TIA!

    eta: made it pretty with [B] font

    Post edited by j@utis on

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,064 ✭✭✭j@utis

    6:40 Windsor - another tricky race but we like tricky don't we. I don't quite trust favorites that are close to the bottom weights, so I'll be taking them on with Global Prospector 8/1 who had a smashing 2021 season and made a good impression on his return until got interfere in the last furlong but kept going when in the clear again.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,064 ✭✭✭j@utis

    Have you looked at Triggered in this race? He's fallen down to the last win mark of 75 -3lb the jockey's claim, his AW campaign wasn't bad either, 28/1! 🤣

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    3.05 Carlisle 7-horse race looks a lottery here - can't pick the winner. Plenty that go well at the course on both good and soft ground; with some of them not doing much elsewhere. Take a chance on a 3-place lay of Detective @ ~ 1.87... better grade than he normally contests, and may want further.

    Think there will be plenty of these 'on the premises' possibly, so not gonna try pick a winner/ew selection in this.