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Slurry now or later, Silage in June or July?

  • 05-05-2022 12:30pm
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    I have slurry.

    8 acre meadow has 6 inchs of grass.

    I let 16 weanlings over one week ago to eat it before slurry.

    I'm hoping I dont need silage but I might cut anyway.

    Should I?

    1. Keep them eating until it's down to 2/3 inches. Spread slurry end may and cut silage in July
    2. Remove them now, spread slurry and cut silage in mid June.
    3. Remove them now, don't spread slurry and cut silage in mid July.

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    If they're in there now let them bare it down tight, put out slurry or fert then. The tighter its grazed the better the silage will be. If cutting in June it will prob have headed out anyway. Given the way ration prices are likely heading it may be worth cutting it earlier to get as good as quality as you can

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    Depends on whether you have enough grass without this field until aftergrass comes back, if yes remove now, no slurry and cut mid june then spread slurry. you'll have to eat it bare if you want to spread slurry now

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    The weanlings mightn't have that bared until July 1.

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    Current status:

    No slurry.

    Keeping cattle in a 12 acre field and splitting with electric fence.

    Let them into 8 acre meadow for 2 weeks, 3 weeks ago, they didn't make a dent in the grass.

    Leaving 8 + 4 + 4 acre meadow for silage in June.

    Will spread slurry after.

    Grass is coming up faster than they can eat it.