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Audi A6 C8 - Standard Seat Pain

  • 07-04-2022 6:51pm
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    I bought a new to me A6 C8 Sport about 2 months ago. I traded up from the A6 C7 S-Line that I had for the previous 4 years.

    My previous car had the S-Line seats and I didn't notice too much difference initially with the standard seats but Christ, it's killing me now.....

    I really miss the tilt option and the extendable thigh support (the seat base seems too short on the standard seats) but what's killing me most is the stitching/lack of padding along the seam where the base meets the bolster.

    I looked into the option of upgrading to S-Line seats but it's a ridiculous cost. So, I'm not going to be able to do much about it as I won't be changing the car again so soon and I actually love the car apart from this issue. It's a huge upgrade on the C7. Are there any good "cushions" available that I could purchase?

    It makes me kinda sick to have an expensive car with a cushion.....but I dont see much choice?


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    Just get used S Line seats from a scrap yard here or in the UK and have them fitted to the car. Should be easy enough to do and will add a bit of value to the car

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    Yeah, looked into that option and it's not really feasible either, particularly as there's not too many C8 scrapped.

    The base is way too short. I'm only 5'10" but the edge of the seat base is only half way to the back of my knees so my thighs are resting on the untiltable front of the seat.

    Between this and the footrest being at an awkward angle/out of line with the accelerator, the ergonomics are shocking for a premium car.

    Pity. The rest of the car is great but its my own fault for not picking up on it before I bought it I suppose.