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Decentralised heat recovery ventilation

  • 29-03-2022 10:13pm
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    I'm looking at heat recovery ventilation for my house and I'm looking for reviews from people who have installed a decentralized system. Basically they fit into the wall vents and installed in pairs from what I see so one would be in supply and the other extract.

    It looks like a cheaper option compared to a centralised system but is it as effective?


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    I can’t comment on comparisons but I’ll offer this. I had two units working as a pair installed in an outdoor office which is insulated and heated. They work like a dream and the room is a pleasure to work in.

    However, there is a little noise from the fans and because the pair work in tandem they alternate. I can’t imagine it would be that easy to sleep with that background noise.

    I installed the same units (Twinfresh Comfo) as this guy and he recently added his experience of installing one in his bedroom.

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    I've just had single room units fitted, these ones, and the installation quality was... poor so I won't be naming the supplier/fitter.

    Mainly got them as the rooms needed powered ventilation, so heat recovery was a secondary aim. Will probably need to wait to winter to see how the perform in that regard.

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    I went back and had a look at his earlier installation from 2014 where he fitted one in a living room. He had this to say about the noise

    "At full speed the fan sound is noticeable from 10 feet, but the lower two speeds are almost inaudible. I would say that it is no louder than a refrigerator with the fan at full speed. It is certainly not obnoxiously loud and much quieter than a 100 CFM bathroom vent. You do notice the "breathing" cycle because the pause between directions is several seconds long."

    It's that "breathing" cycle that I think will be difficult to sleep through.

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    Thanks for info and the link to that site.

    It's the noise level from them during the night in a bedroom which is what I would be concerned with mainly as I would like to put one in the living area and one in the bedroom.

    I could always try to put them on a timer in the bedroom if it's an issue.

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    Do different models have different noise ratings?

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    I might have been over playing the noise element now that I think about. I often fall asleep in front of the TV for example and have no problem sleeping in an air conditioned room. I had a good listen there now and they really are fairly quiet.