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Are we heading for a fuel shortage?



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    It's ALL DEPENDANT on the Ukrainian situation..... normally I'm a glass half FULL kinda guy but it doesn't look bright up ahead.....i hope I'm wrong but you have to think there'll be shortages up the road. I filled up with diesel today ( obviously I had to ring the bank first for authorisation) & I asked the lady for a drum ( 10ltrs) of ADBLUE......she said they haven't got any & are waiting on delivery....maybe not connected at all but still a bad omen

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    Well, this might be seen as fear mongering, but Whitegate ran out of unleaded for a time this morning, but rectified the situation by the afternoon.

    It's a sign of things to come, especially if the tankers aren't arriving by sea.

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    Home oil suppliers have started limiting the amount you can order to 500 litres.

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    Battery cars ftw

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    We'll never supply our own oil and our gas will only ever meet a small portion of energy demand.

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    So I filled the disel car today

    Bought 500ltr of oil this evening, have about 300 in the tank

    About 80 bags of wood pellets

    Shed of timber and coal for the big stove

    Filled up the electric car today with solar PV

    I should be ok for a while

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    I have a vamat so don't need to worry about the bog roll 😁

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    NICE..... how much for the kerosene?????? Mine would last a lot longer if Mrs Mc Carthy didn't keep putting the heating on.......ive always said she'd be more suited for a warmer climate🤣

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    I bought a fill of oil in Jan for 830, 1000 ltrs....I thought that was expensive

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    I filled up last week 94c/l.

    I bought at 4am.. by 9.30am it was €1/l

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    Filled up there in Ballina, Mayo and the lad on the till reckoned the cheaper stations in the locality ran out of diesel earlier today

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    Picked up some unleaded tonight €1.89, I remember during the depths of Covid paying €1.12, I still have the receipt 😁

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    I got 500L on Thursday for €550. I didn't want it delivered until Friday but my supplier said if I waited a day then it would be €670. He expects to run out of everything except green diesel today.

    (He's also only been serving regular customers for the past week or so due to panic buying).

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    In that article the IRHA are quoted as being the source of concern, not a place I'd be going for my economic insights. The US and others will be releasing a lot of oil from reserves so our only concern is the absolutely inevitable price surge. OPEC+, Russia are aligned with them, are in no great rush to increase supplies. They have a small increase scheduled for this month.

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    Got to buy home heating oil and most companies are saying limited supply.

    Threads like this will get seen by maybe 1-2% of the population, fuel companies putting on websites they have limited supply is the one to get concerned about

    Even when I was filling yesterday, the garage had a queue by the time I was finished....putting in 100+ of diesel on those bloody pumps takes ages

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    We essentially gave away the rights to the oil and gas off our coast for exploration, people complained about how little tax Shell paid on Corrib, yet there's only been 2 gas fields that ever produced commercially. We may have a lot of oil/gas off shore but it's never been recoverable.