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Heightened anxiety since parent's death

  • 14-02-2022 12:07pm
    Registered Users Posts: 212 ✭✭ TheGlossy

    Hi all,

    My dad passed away a almost two months ago and ever since, I've been in a permanent state of anxiety.

    I live in Ireland but my family lives overseas and I heard of my father's death via email and phone call. Ever since, I've had a strong anxiety with any sort of communication as I'm always afraid any email / text / phone call will convey some bad news. It also does not help that a week after my dad's death, the management company of my building literally knocked at my door for 10 minutes straight to tell me someone made a noise complaint that had nothing to do with me in the first place. I literally live in permanent fear of another blow to the point where I'm about to throw my phone away and move elsewhere because I can't take any more stress.

    Appreciate if anyone could provide insight / help.



  • Registered Users Posts: 1,287 ✭✭✭ victor8600

    Talk to a psychologist? They have concrete strategies to deal with your anxiety. Have you visited your relatives back home already? That may help to deal with your mourning.

  • Registered Users Posts: 212 ✭✭ TheGlossy

    I have. It actually made it far worse because I hadn't seen them in 6 years due to conflicts with one particular person and I realized certain things won't change. My anxiety was still manageable before my trip but now it's reached a whole different level since I got back.

  • Registered Users Posts: 858 ✭✭✭ jolivmmx

    I would speak with your GP. They will be able to provide a listening ear. They will also know of local supports. Try to work on the basics: sleep (8-9 hours), eat (3 meals per day), exercise.

    I cannot imagine how traumatic it must have been to have to receive that news remotely. When you feel up to it, write your dad a long letter. Then burn it or throw it away or whatever. When you are in the right frame of mind, try to talk to your family or friends.

    Try to be gentle with yourself! You are at the beginning of a long grief journey. It is very early days. Do not expect too much from yourself. Maybe, you could set aside a time in the day when you check your messages with a friend for now?

    wishing you all the best!! Take care!!