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Gallstones & symptoms

  • 29-01-2022 11:48pm
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    Just wondering if anybody who has/had gallstones shares the symptoms I am having.

    Had scan just before xmas and found 2 fairly big gallstones. I've been having bad acid reflux since October as well as almost daily fatigue, sometimes I'm nodding off during daytime despite sleeping pretty well. I've done research and found that gallstones and reflux are separate illnesses, feel like I should get that gastro-scope thing done. My doctor says there is no need now that we have found the root cause, but I'm not so sure. I'm not experiencing the terrible pain that gallstone sufferers seem to get, although I do get the gnawing/burning above the belly button at times.

    Also read that gallbladder removal INCREASES reflux for some people so I'm a bit worried I will feel even worse after the operation. Would be interested to hear if gallbladder surgery eased anyone's reflux or stomach issues.


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    Similar to yourself I didn’t have major gallstone pain but was diagnosed with them last year during investigations into IBS issues. Had my gall bladder out last summer.

    I would have had regular enough bouts of reflux at the end of 2020/start of 2021 but it was calmed with tablets.

    Since having the surgery I have had a couple of bouts of reflux but it is much better than it was; definitely hasn’t disimproved.

    The pre-op stomach pains I had took a few months to clear up post-op. The surgeon had advised that the surgery does not always stop the pains so I feared I was stuck with them, however they did eventually improve greatly.

    Hope that is some help.

  • Registered Users, Moderators, Regional Abroad Moderators Posts: 1,990 Mod ✭✭✭✭Nigel Fairservice

    I also had gallbladder and acid reflux problems. My gallbladder removal didn't make the reflux problem any worse anyway.

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    Regardless if you get gallbadder removed or not you have to seriously address your diet. I mean seriously. No more processed food ever or fancy takeaways.

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    Forgot to mention I was put on 2 different PPI tablets for a month each, as well as gaviscon advance, but they had no effect, hence why I was sent for the scan. Thanks for reply.

    Yeah I already cleaned up the diet to bring down cholesterol which was a bit high a couple years ago, so I'm on low/no-fat everything and pretty much stopped drinking last summer. Haven't been to a takeaway in 2 years. I would expect I'd have to pretty much continue that after surgery.

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    I had my gallbladder removed last January (2021) and I've had about 4 bad bouts of reflux since, mainly at night if I drink water then lie down too fast.

    My surgeon told me no need to restrict my diet after surgery but I can't digest fatty food as easily anymore so follow a fairly low fat diet and take digestive enzymes to help with some of the more.... unpleasant digestive symptoms.

    I don't regret having the gallbladder removed though, I put it off for years and ended up in A&E with jaundice from a blockage. The pain that time was worse than childbirth.

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