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Speed pedelecs



  • Registered Users Posts: 173 ✭✭ Briain O Loinsigh

    I tried a Yamaha pro motored ebike and i was very impressed. Feels much more technical and probably brilliant for tight uphill off road cycling , the lowest mode even felt poweful and the motor was almost silent 😶

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    I've been riding a speed pedelec since 2018. I've had two at this stage, I use it to commute into the city centre daily. I purchased both from well known retailers in Ireland.

    Having it has allowed me to sell the second car, get to my office quicker than my Dart/walk, I tow numerous roadies who are more than happy to sit in, I don't cycle at 45kph as a rule, but I can accelerate out of dodgy situations with motorists because I can be faster off the mark. I've been a cyclist all my life and I love the fact I have alternatives between being a roadie to pursue my enjoyment of cycling and having my speed pedelec to commute.

    I see a lot of comments about weight of bike and rider being a risk in an accident but in my experience, casual cyclists, electric scooters and peeps out for a walk are equally as dangerous.