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laser tattoo removal

  • 20-01-2022 2:11am
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    Anyone here ever got a tattoo removed? Have an all black piece done on my calf that I’d like removed as I got it quite young I still like it and would like to get it done again properly by a better artist just with a couple of things added in a different style to match other tattoos I have and plan on getting. Any recommendations on where is the best place that does the tattoo removals? Preferably around Dublin

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    Tattoo removal is expensive and a long drawn out process (depending on size). It's not something that is done in an hour, and the few I know who have had it done have said it is much more painful than getting the actual tattoo.

    I'd recommend getting a cover up, but only by a very good artist and not some hack. I've gotten my tattoo's in AllStar Ink in Limerick. By no means are they cheap, but the work is second to none. They also do removal so if you want some info might be no harm dropping them an email. I know it's not Dublin but as I'm not familiar with artists up your way I can't recommend any.

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    I don't think any reputable tattoo removal service will remove a tattoo for you if your intention is to have the same patch of skin redone with a new tattoo. I've had a tattoo removed by Dundrum cosmetic Centre. It is expensive, painful and not always 100% effective. But they use q switched lasers in Dundrum which are your best bet for effective removal. It took years to fully remove the tattoo. But I felt it was worth it as my opinion on tattoos has changed a lot over the years. Nor everyone will want to invest the time and money required to completely remove a piece.

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    Would you or anyone else known of a good place in Dublin City Center that removes tattoos?

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    It's a good few years since I had my tattoo removed although I plan to get my other one removed at some point. At the time dundrum was the only place that had Pico sure lasers in Dublin. It's actually picosure lasers that are the best type. The q switch lasers that I mentioned above are the common or garden type that you get everywhere. Picosure are a bit more expensive but perform much better. The next nearest place that had a picosure laser when I was looking was Derry. But there may be more places that have them now .

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    stay away from Q switch lasers from someone with experience. Picosure all the way

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    It's crazy the way the whole tattoo parlour and lazer removal are still not regulated properly.

    I bet the tattoo removal industry will really boom over the next few years. Easy to get a tattoo, very difficult to remove. The amount of people that have got tattoos especially now on face and neck that they will definitely need to get removed