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The politics of blood n Guts

  • 13-01-2022 10:04pm
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    I was allowed to give blood in Belfast in 2003/4 academic year.

    They informed me that I am O+,

    O positive

    Oh positive

    Zero plus

    Maggot Eire, in Limerick city refused to allow me to give blood in some vast hall in garryowen near the dog track...

    All because because I contracted Hepatitis A in the town of Nenagh from their manky water fountain beside the courthouse.

    I was marched up that hall in Limerick and told that I my blood was not good enough!

    I argued in public that Belfast took my blood and that the rotten free staters told me my blood was dirt.

    I am going to kill, murder Sean South, finally and forever and terrorize him in hell with his own guts for garters, while singing the sash.

    I am in commode mode, Sean South, put you pot on you head and eat where Hepatitis A comes from.

    The Black n Tans are dying up North from sickle cell.

    I am O+,

    How can I save my comrades?

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    So true. Black people of Ireland need certain blood types.

    if you live in the north and are you are black you can have my blood...

    but if you live in the south, my blood is not good enough if you are black

    CYM + ?

    If colours can have scientific meaning, what letter is white?

    I thinking about the tans who need blood.

    I hope some tans survived that slaughter. I heard that was done by the frogs in the green and lovely lakes of Cavan.

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    I, Zak wonder if the white metals that come up to the surface rock through hydrothermal veins - e.g lead Pb (Galena), and Zinc ( as in Psuedocream/sudocream) and are filtered through sedimentary whites and blues in limestone in the hydrothermal vein must have a way of being understood through the light channels.

    For example, children learning to do a colour self portrait involves analysis of the colour that are at the bottom of their skin. Evert child is different. White Irish can have strong yellow sallow underneath and dark on top and Nigerians can have blue glance of slate at the bottom of their skin.

    if I was Oliver Cromwell, I would not allow anyone to escape across the shannon into Connaught. I would compel everyone of all ages to learn how to make a colour self portrait so that they can teach me If I am wrong, or if i am right?

    I wait for you in Hell...

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    I can't give blood cos NZ consider the BSE outbreak in the UK to extend to the whole of Ireland as well.

    Politics, eh ?

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    Dafuq? You any less OK than normal, OP?

    Not your ornery onager

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    Why did your mother do that, that was wrong, she knew no better and never saw no better.

    A good car is worth a lot when you are driving a bus. Would you change bus lanes if you were the back seat passenger on a motorbike.

    Where are you cycling to?

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    And here was me thinking this may have been where to discuss George S Patron’s position on deNazification of occupied Germany.

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    There is a certain roll of venus fly trap tape that sticks all deNazi's to the line.

    They buried it, but I dug it up.

    I hope to line up every single nazi and stick them to it, but I need to steady my aim because I am a bit wobbly,

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    Whenever I manage to capture all deNazi's, and it may take some time, I believe they need to be made accountable and made pay the full cost of ongoing support to George S Patron's army for the next 500 years for their endeavour to rid snakes from this Island.

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    Not what this forum is for. Please don't start any more threads here OP.

    We sat again for an hour and a half discussing maps and figures and always getting back to that most damnable creation of the perverted ingenuity of man - the County of Tyrone.

    H. H. Asquith

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