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Critique of HIIT


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    Basically when you run you burn kcals. When you stop, you stop burning kcals pretty soon afterwards. Even with intervals, it's mostly aerobic and burning glycogen.

    HIIT you burn glycogen like lighterfuel. However, your body continues to burn kcals for hours after HIIT. HIIT taxes the body much more, facilitating more growth hormone to eat kcals too. HIIT , depending what you do, will move the body other ways and blast your core.

    Rather simplistic but different beasts. Short intervals of 60s are often mistaken as HIIT. It's not. Even at 60s you will be largely aerobic. HIIT is more like tabata intervals. 4min of 20 sec on, 10 sec off. "On" is everything you got, max effort.

    Here's a good explanation