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More hilarity on the Luas, further loss of faith in the Irish TD's and policy makers

  • 02-01-2022 8:04pm
    Registered Users Posts: 821 ✭✭✭ Sugar_Rush

    Man on the right, case of beer on the left, feet on the seat opposite, and somewhat naively I sat into seat number 4.

    I have my sounds in so I'm kind of dead to the world, seriously getting my head bobbing on to this "Volcano On Mars" rework of Will Atkinsons "AutoBahn" acid trance earth shaker:

    So I'm basically oblivious to the fiasco I've just landed myself into the middle of.... until it was too late.

    To change seats then would have made me look weak so I just had to tough it out.

    I sense eyes on me, I look up and this vulgar intoxicant is giving me the dead eyes, which he then adorns with a yellow toothed leer.

    "Awite mate....!" and he grabs his crotch slowly whilst continuing to leer at me.

    "Oh FFS", were my thoughts but just to keep things on the level I'm like "yeah bro, awesome".

    He continues to suck from the bottle of beer.

    The people around us, their eyes have gone wide, presumably out of fear and concern.

    But the hilarity hasn't even begun:


    This absolute BEAR of a Luas security employee gets on with his slightly shorter yet solidly built colleague.

    I mean one of these guys would choke slam this drunken lout to Bolivia, but instead of hassling the guy, instead of confiscating his case of liquor, instead of even correcting him, the guard approaches him and says, "put your mask on" (the dude was without mask also).

    That was it.

    The drunk continues to drink from his bottle, and only when he set it down so hard it made an audible clinking off another bottle did the security guard correct him again, and that was it; "you can't drink that one the tram", and away he went (the guard).

    They're obviously mandated from the "higher ups" how to behave in public, and it's clearly as much of a "passive aggressive" approach as possible.

    I mean if this doesn't improve Dublin is doomed, plain and simple.


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