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What Audi to get A5, A6 A7

  • 19-12-2021 6:34pm
    Registered Users Posts: 13 howyaben

    Hi I have decided to go for an Audi as my next car never had one before. Just don't no what model to go for Between A5 , A6 & A7 i like the shape of the A7 but is worth the money for just that ?

    A5 , A6 , A7 Sline model 5 doors

    Cant afford an A8 i drove a 2014 model and it was very nice had all the extras you would want, so looking for closest I can get to comfort and speed that I got from the A8

    Might get it remapped in the future looking at around 2014 - 2016 year


  • Registered Users Posts: 539 ✭✭✭ lcstress2012

    I wouldn’t bother man, yeah they’re all nice looking cars but very expensive to run and maintain. And servicing and parts are not cheap. If you can afford it then go ahead by all means, but think about it long and hard before sealing the deal. You could get a nice looking VW Arteon which won’t cost an arm and a leg. Just my two cents! Good luck

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,980 ✭✭✭ User1998

    A Volkswagen Arteon is very similar to an Audi A7 and shouldn’t cost any more or less to run.

    Me personally I’d be going for an A6 Black edition

  • Registered Users Posts: 1 t5max


    I've had an A6 for nearly 5 years . . . a few points that may be of some interest ?

    My car is A6 S-line ultra  2.0 diesel . . 161 reg

    A few Pros :

    Very nice looking car inside and out with audi 20" alloys , personally I like the exterior chrome trim . . it's excluded on the 'black'

    Lots of bells and whistles in terms of extras incl cameras , parking sensors and an auto 'self-park’ feature etc.

    Lots of engine torque for a 2.0 although the front wheels can spin easily from a standstill on wet or greasy roads.

    Fairly good on fuel, easy enough to get 46 + mpg on a long run, i have seen 56-58mpg

    Auto gear box is good with several modes and paddle shifters

    Lots of space , I actually find the car a bit on the big side

    Back seats drop so could carry fairly large loads if needed.

    Has been reliable .. . a volume knob going a bit funny at the mo.

    A few cons :

    It was a bit on the expensive side to service with a main dealer over the years, out of warranty now so will go to independents for any future service or repairs, I wouldn't be a big fan of main dealers , Merc, BMW or Audi . . had issues with them over the years.

    Timing belt has to be changed after 5 years . . think it's around € 8 or 900 ? to get sorted

    Car has 20” alloys so it’s a bit harsh with the s-line suspension, 20" tyres are expensive

    ***The biggest issue I’d have is the foot-rest peddle location . . it’s awful . . really bad***

    It’s offset to one side at a really odd angle and pushed about 4 or 5 inches deeper into the footwell when compared to the accelerator pedal, it’s so bad that I’ve put a wooden block on it in an attempt to make it a bit more level with the accelerator , otherwise you have one leg stretched out and the other very bent , can’t get the seat adjustment right.

    The offset thing is because of the centre console and means your left leg and foot are always uncomfortable,, almost in a club-foot position  – make sure you try before you buy, I missed this wouldn’t buy another A6 because of it.

    Without the wood block on the footrest . . I’d have got rid some time back.

    I’ve sat in the new model, and it appears to have the same issue,  think it’s to do with the fact that the car was originally designed to be LHD . . the RHD models are left with an terrible offset on the drivers left foot side footwell

  • Registered Users Posts: 950 ✭✭✭ rn

    Don't know much about the audi's, but from photos the arteon is "just a highline passat" inside. It looks way better outside and is a lift back, which is way more practical. The passat boot opening is tight, even if boot is massive. The arteon commands a serious premium over passat, which I don't know is justified.

    The A5 and A7 are also lift backs.

    I think all audi's are finished to a higher standard than the VW, although that could be a matter of opinion.

    I confess I had a highline passat and thought it was a lovely car to drive. Super comfortable on irish roads.

  • Registered Users Posts: 122 ✭✭ Corkladddd!!

    Hi OP,

    A6 Owner here. I've had 2 of them (151 and 201).

    In relation to your query there is a little more to this than the shape to consider. To help your decision the first question is will you ever need a 5th seat? A5/A7 are really only suitable for 4 people (ish!) going on from this my height and the low roofline due to the styling mean I can't get comfortable in a A5/A7 when driving so they're unsustainable for anything more than a 10 min quick spin (not as affected as a passenger once in the front, forget about the back, unusable for anyone heading to 6ft. If any of these apply then A6 is your only option of those Audis.

    As a note I don't have the same issue with the footwell but may just be due to sitting position, I've Autos so tend to sit with my left leg kind of tucked in under right on footwell rather than straight out, may be more of an issue for manuals?

    As a general note there are dramatic differences in all of these cars aside from the purely practical above. A 150bhp FWD A5 is a different animal to a 300BHP AWD A7. S Line are supremely better looking but in my experience are not suitable for driving on some of the poor roads in Ireland as they'll rattle you alive and you'll spend money on suspension consumables!

    As pointed out above, if budget is an issue they're not great cars, aside from the routine servicing the wearables and routines such as belts and gearbox servicing are all required and costly.

    Saying all that if I was left buy again I'd be speccing the A6 Avant 50 PHEV SE with S Line styling and black pack..88k but makes my pants tingle.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 50,137 ✭✭✭✭ bazz26

    My spidey scenes are tingling that we have heard something very similar to this asked previously under a different user name:

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,070 ✭✭✭ Stallingrad

    If it is a wind up OP please choose more interesting cars next time.

  • Registered Users Posts: 6,051 ✭✭✭ Truckermal

    No it's not FFS.... I suppose you think the Superb is the same as the A8.....

  • Registered Users Posts: 50,137 ✭✭✭✭ bazz26

    Yeah, it's hard to see where an A7 would be very similar to an Arteon outside maybe of some shared switchgear or software. The A6/A7 used a different platform, had the engine mounted lengthways and the smallest engine available here in the first generation A7 was a v6. The Arteon uses a newer platform shared with the Passat as well as most of the engines.