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Recommendation for new electric vehicle - €50k budget



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    There you go, didn't realise cars built in China were on the market now. That's a big improvement.

    I'd probably still buy the Kia (most likely will buy an EV6 when the time comes) but I'm basing this on owning Kias for 10 years including a phev and having no major issues.

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    Model 3, nothing better at that price. Most efficient car on the market, all the extras you'd be shelling out for with other brands are included. Look at EV Facebook groups and it's all people complaining about charging queues, no such issue with Tesla, they have the biggest High powered charging network in the country already and have Athenry and Enfield ready to go with 8 and 6 chargers, Sandyford in construction and Belfast waiting for ESB.

    Plus the UI is streets ahead of the likes of VW. Model 3 is very similar in size to a 3 Series and a good bit roomier in the back than the new BMW i4. I4 looks great but is too small for a family car and overpriced

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    Have a look here, should have most of the cars available. Just look at the kWh/100km and multiply by your electricity rate.

    e.g Model 3 would be around 15kwh/100km, if you're doing a good bit of motorway driving, on average multiply by 15c gives you 2.25 or the equivalent of 1.5L of diesel per 100km vs 5 or 6 L in an efficient modern diesel. So much cheaper.

    Also some of the SUV shapes are very inefficient at motorway speed. Had a trip Dublin to Cashel and back on a cold stormy night a few weeks back and averaged 18.5 kWh /100km, someone on Facebook in a new MG ZS did a similar trip the same night and they were at 28.5kwh/100km. Makes a huge difference on the range