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Chub for Chub

  • 14-12-2021 5:13pm
    Registered Users Posts: 788 ✭✭✭ Liberty_Bear

    Ive been on the scene a while, Im one of those who sits in a weird niche in that I am a chubby lad who has only gone for other chubby lads (and bears!). Over the years, I am lucky I have found the scene to be relatively good (there has been the odd negative experience however will happily put that down to being a gregarious sort of chap). 15 years ago I found bear events and then suddenly its like a whole new world opens up! Groups on facebook, apps etc. As a matter of pure interest is there anyone of a similar mind whom has found this and embraced it? Recently we started up an online pub on FB for bears. Been a big hit :)

    Very interested in hearing your thoughts on this niche - chub for chub community (in a light hearted way !)

    Carve that niche in society for yourself..